A Life With One Direction

17 year old girl name Lizzy living on her own. As her mother goes on her business leave her behind knowing that her mother won't come back. Mean while her life changes when five boys Kidnapped her. What she didn't know that they are the biggest boy band in the world. Not to mention the boys got attach to Lizzy and ask her to tag along and experience the adventure the will have along the way. What they don't know that Lizzy's father found her and want her back but she doesn't. Along the way, Lizzy start to have passion on acting and a singing. Will Lizzy tag along and stay with the boys, will her dad take her back, or will she try to pursuit her dreams on being a actor and a singer? Read and find out. ;)


18. A/N: Just Letting You Know.....



Heyy Everyone,


So... I know I would update next month but I want to let this out. I'm not a very good typer nor very good finding the time to type and update. I know the beginning of this story I have been quite lazy I know, but I have been getting comments that I don't like and I know the people that comments and it's rare that I get new readers to comments and be rude. To me it is and I don't like it. If you don't like my story then don't read it. Easy as that. I'll just delete them. They don't bother me but really? Like I said in the past, "I suck at writing and not good at all with the grammar. I write stories to be free and make my ideas in stories to be seen. I never like to write easy because you have to follow the directions they give you and here you don't. If my stories are not good at all... well I try but it won't stop me from making more stories which is coming up pretty soon." And plus, my writing has gotten better. If this story continue getting rude comments. I might just delete the story if no one likes it. I'm here to type freely not get hate by people. So yeah.... that's all I want to let out so Next Month.... Bye


--- Heidi <3 :)

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