Left at the alter

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I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


15. This is how life works

"Mum" Roselina said as she tugged on Arianna's [polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=94665541] dirty blonde hair. We were walking in the park and Arianna was carrying my daughter and I am explaining what happened two days ago. "So let me get this straight; you quit your job, lied to Harry and made his best mate keep a secret?" Ari asked. I nod my head and shrug. "I have enough money to last me" I reply. "But you're young! You need something to keep you busy" Arianna said. "I have Roselina" I reply. "And when she heads off to school?" she asked. "Then I'll find something" I answer with a slight huff. "What happens when Roselina asks about her dad and wants to know about him?" Ari asked as we headed towards Liam's house.. "Then I'll tell her who her father is. I'll hand her the DNA results and she can find him. Yes I'll be in so much trouble from him but...I don't care" I say as we knocked on Liam's door.. "Morning Kitty, Roselina and Charice" Daisy greeted. We smile and hug her. "Morning beautiful" I answer. Rose played with some toys whilst us girls sat with Perrie, Eleanor, Mia (Niall's wife) and Gemma to help plan Daisy's wedding. "What about this one [4.bp.blogspot.com/]" asked Daisy. The girls nodded but I shake my head. "You have slightly bigger curves" I answer. "It can be altered" Eleanor stated. "Whatever it's your wedding but I'm just saying don't go picking a dress now" I answer as Rose yawned. "Can I settle her in a guest room?" I question. Daisy smiled. "Yeah of course" she answered. I grabbed Roselina and took her into a guest room and set her between two pillows in case she falls off. I walk out of the room and sit back down. "Maybe I should go with one strap" Daisy said. "Whatever you think will suit you" I reply. "What is with you?" Daisy asked concerned. "It's nothing" I lie. "Come on Charice, if it's about..." she trailed off and I sigh. "He still loves you" she said. "Really? I broke his heart" I state. "He'll never love me again.. I need to move on. That's why after your wedding, I'm moving back home" I announce. "What?" Arianna asked. Daisy frowned. "No way! You can't leave us" she exclaimed. "No one's going to miss me" I reply. "Are you sure?" Perrie asked. "Only Arianna and Daisy will" I reply. Gemma shook her head. "So will we. We may not talk to you but the group feels completed even though the boys and these two don't talk to you" she said. "Plus Liam would miss you" Eleanor said. "I doubt it" I reply as the four boys entered. It grew silent for a few seconds. "So any decisions?" Zayn asked. "Uh I'm still deciding on my dress, we're having lilies as flowers and Charice is moving back home after my wedding" Daisy answered. "What?" Harry asked. "Why are you moving back?" he asked. "Why do you care? Oh sorry you don't" I snap. "Hey calm it down" Arianna said. "Well it's no ones business what goes on in my life" I say. "What about Roselina and Arianna?" Niall asked. "Roselina is obviously coming with me and Arianna will be fine" I answer. "But you two are a package..." Louis trailed off. "Look I don't know why you're putting your input in. You don't care so back the hell out" I snap angrily. "What the hell has gotten into you?" Liam asked. "You guys. Ever since you convinced me to stay, they've been nothing but bastards! I don't listen to anyone but my heart and head but I should've gone with my head this time" I say standing up. I went and got Rose then came back. "Good luck with your wedding plans" I say. "Wait-you aren't helping plan anymore?" Daisy asked. "No because like Louis said, I'd only give out advice on how to leave someone at the alter" I reply. "But you're my maid-of-honour..." Daisy trailed off. "No I'm not" I reply. Arianna looked at us guiltily. "I forgot to deliver that message?" she asked. "I'm out. I'll attend your wedding but then I'm out of here" I say. "You're leaving right after the reception?" Mia asked. "I'm leaving after the ceremony" I reply. "My wedding is in two months and you're telling me this now?" Daisy said. "I have everything but the dresses and brides maids worked out" she said. I shrug. "This is how life works. Deal with it" I say opening the door. She stared at me, tears filling her eyes.

Wow....how bitchy was that of Charice. Thoughts??

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