Left at the alter

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I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


3. Prologue

*three years ago (21)*
I couldn't stop staring at myself in the mirror. [
polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=85349958]. I sigh shakily and smile as I look up at my bride maids. "You girls are wonderful" I smile. Arianna smiles and takes a picture of our faces. "We leave in three minutes" mum said walking but stopping short. "You look beautiful" she said walking over and hugging me. She then placed a blue bracelet on my wrist. "It's something old and blue in one" she said. "Thank you mummy" I say. Mum went with most of my bride maids to go and see if the hummer was here. I look at Jemma and Arianna. "You look truly beautiful and my brother is the luckiest man on earth" Jemma said with a smile. I smile back and we were told it was time to leave.
As I sat in the car, I couldn't stop thinking about what Jemma had said. 'He's the luckiest guy on earth'. We stopped at the Church and the girls got out. Arianna helped me out and we all got into order, sorting out who stands where and everything. I grab Ari and pull her over to the side. "I'm scared. I'm nervous and I want to throw up" I whisper. Ari stared at me. "Just breathe. Once you see him, you'll feel reassured and everything will just flow" she said. "And if it doesn't?" I ask. "Well then we'll come to that bridge if it comes" she said. I nod my head and we stood in positions. The doors opened and I peeked around the corner to see Harry standing at the end of the alter smiling. I felt my heart skip a beat, my breathing become shallow and my stomach drop. Dad looked at me and smiled. "Ready?" he asked. I shake my head. "No" I reply. "I can't do this daddy" I add taking a step back. He frowned. "Charice..." he trailed. "Daddy I can't do this. I'm not ready" I say tears forming. He sighed and clenched his jaw. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. "Don't tell your mother". Now follow my lead. We start to walk down and then you run" he whispered. I took them and managed to tuck them into my dress. We started to walk down the aisle but I stop. Harry slightly frowned as I looked at my father who frowned in 'confusement'. "I'm sorry" I whisper as I let go of my father, drop my bouquet of flowers and run down the aisle and out the door. I opened my dad's car and started it. I threw it in drive and just drove. I looked into the rear view mirror and saw Harry standing outside the church along with his sister and Arianna.
I had arrived home and packed everything I owned. I drove to my parents where my car was parked and threw my bags into my own car. I then drove off down the street to a hotel where nobody would ever look.
It was two hours after I had ran, did I receive a phone call. "Hello?" I ask nervously. "What the hell?!" Arianna shouted. "Where are you?" she asked. "I'm at a hotel" I answer. "Which one? I'm alone and I'm not going to text Harry or anyone so just tell me" she said. I told her the address and waited for a knock on the door. I open it and my best friend engulfed me in a hug. "Why did you run?" she asked as we sat on the bed. "I wasn't ready. I got cold feet and I couldn't do it" I admit. She sighed and shook her head. "What happened after I left?" I ask. "Well when you ran out of the Church, Harry came bolting after you. He then broke down into tears when he got home and hasn't left his room. Jemma is pissed at you though" Arianna explained. "And my mum?" I question. "She's disappointed and pissed. She's currently at Anne's house" Arianna answered. I felt the tears fall. "I can't marry him Ari. I'm too young" I whisper as I silently shake with the tears falling. "Let's change you out of this dress so you don't ruin it" Ari suggested.
It was a week after I had ditched at the alter when headlines came up about me getting cold feet. "Last week Harry Styles was ditched by Charice Mills at the alter" Ella said. "Who would have thought Charice would get cold feet?" Rob asked. "Certainly not us" Ella said. "They've been together ever since Harry tried out for X Factor" Rob said. "Actually he asked her out the second he came off stage" Ella corrected. I felt my tears start to spill and soon I was sobbing. "Now the 21 year old has been seen with sister Jemma or one of the boys and he isn't looking to well" Rob said.

*Two months later*
I moved to London into my own flat and Ari lives across from me.
I sigh and stare at the screen. "Now we can't tell if it's a boy or girl but I can tell you that you're three months along in your pregnancy" the nurse smiled. I nod my head and give a weak smile back.
Great, I ditched the child's father at my wedding and now I'm expecting his baby.

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