Left at the alter

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I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


25. Let's get shopping!

Arianna's P.O.V
I smile at my sleeping boyfriend. Yup, Louis and I are dating. Eleanor and I had met for coffee and we had spoken. Her and Louis had been over for a long time. Their children William (4) and Jane (3) didn't quite understand what's going on but knew that their parents are over. Louis finally announced us to the world. We've been together for a month but came out last week.
I got up carefully so that I don't wake Louis and walk into my kitchen. As I was making myself a tea, I heard footsteps walk around in my room. "Morning babe" Lou greeted. I turn around and smile. "Hello" I reply. I noticed the time and groan. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I'm going out to meet with the girls" I answer. I exit the kitchen and race to get ready. As I was pulling on my jeans, I felt Louis wrap his arms around my waist. "Do you have to go?" he asked. I sigh and nod. "Yes. We already planned it plus I get to see my goddaughter" I reply. "Roselina?" Louis asked. "Yes Lou. And don't say her name like she's some disease" I reply. "I didn't" he said. I turn around. "Ever since Charice and I have entered your lives, you treat Rose and her mother like they're diseased" I state whilst pulling on my top. "I get that you're hurt that he's spending more time with them but he just wants to be able to be a good father. He wants to be in both their lives so bad Louis. You may not see it but I do. He's been heartbroken since the wedding. When he laid eyes on her in the park, they lit up. Whenever I've seen him on TV, he isn't happy. He's finally happy and you still don't approve" I say. As I was saying all this, I was able to do my hair, make-up and accessories. I pulled on my shoes, grabbed my jacket and phone. "Just be happy. Charice is happy. She didn't want him in her life because she hurt him and she's scared that he'll hurt her because of what she did" I say opening the door. "So for once. Give them all a break. Actually talk to Char if you have an issue. You know she can take hard criticism Lou. Just let her feel welcomed. Why do you think she never comes to dinners here or meet us all for lunch at restaurants?" I ask. My boyfriend sighed and sat on the couch "It's because she knows she isn't welcome and not just by you but by everyone" I finish. He didn't say anything so I shut the door. I get into my car [
I arrived at the shops and smile as I saw the girls. Eleanor, Charice, Mia and Perrie. Yes Eleanor still hangs out with us because she's our friend and no it isn't awkward. "Let's get shopping" Perrie said and we all laugh.

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