Left at the alter

****Off my Quotev account****

I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


27. Keepin it casual

It's been two weeks since that whole date incident and I haven't been on another date except for when Harry took him and myself out to dinner.
I sat on the couch as Roselina played with her dolls. I looked up as Harry came in with Louis, Arianna, Gemma, Perrie, Zayn, Mia, Niall, Liam and Daisy. "You're back!" I exclaim jumping up and hugging my best friend. "Hello" Daisy greeted as she hugged back. I sat on the couch as everyone sat around. "Keeping it casual today aye Charice?" Louis asked. I looked down at my outfit and look back up. "Why? Does it look horrible?" I ask worriedly. "No I-" Louis started. I stood up and shake my head. "It's just I wasn't expecting company and Harry was meant to be out"" I say turning and heading for the staircase. 

Arianna's P.O.V
I whack Louis on the back of his head. "OW!" he hissed. I stood up. "You didn't need to make a comment on her outfit" I say facing him. "I didn't mean it in a bad way!" he exclaimed. I narrowed my eyes. "You should've kept it simple" I reply. "I was complimenting her" he replied. I raise my eyebrows. "The last time she wore something like that was when she was fifteen" I say. Louis' mouth dropped and I nod. He sighed. "I get that you're trying to be nice because your best mate is interested and she's my best friend and Harry's happy but seriously just stop" I say. "But you told me to stop being so harsh" Louis said. I shake my head. "Louis. You take baby steps. You've been a jerk to her ever since we all got in contact and it isn't fair. She's worked so hard to get where she is in life and to raise her child on her own. Yes she didn't tell Harry about Rose and she left him but you've never heard her proper side of the story. You weren't the one she told that she wasn't ready. You were already in the Church" I state. Louis rolled his eyes. "So now you're on her side?" Louis questioned. "She's my best friend. There aren't any sides. Yes I don't approve of what she did but if you had actually managed to contact her after the wedding and listen to her and be around like I was, you'd forgive her for what she did. She basically disappeared off the earth so that everyone can focus on your band mate" I retort. Louis and I glare at each other before we hear a voice. "Don't fight. I don't want Roselina growing up around violence" Charice spoke. We all turn our heads to see she hadn't changed but had taken off her shoes. "Yes what I did to Harry is unforgivable but stop bringing it up. It's already being brought up in the media. I don't need it brought up right in front of me" she said. I sigh at my best friend who was in tears. I open my mouth to speak but she shakes her head. "Look I'm really sorry for what I did but it can't be undone" she states. "I get that you're angry but just let it go" she softly said. "Charice" Louis started. "Don't say anything. I get how you feel about me but please just stay out of our relationship. It involves two people not the whole world" Charice said. "Roselina, pack up your toy please" she ordered. I look at my niece (she may as well be) and she grabbed her dolls and ran upstairs. A few minutes later we saw Charice with Roselina. "We're going out for lunch" Charice announced before quickly leaving. I sigh as I felt my heart hurt for my best friend. "Do you know how much hate she's getting? Not from just you and the media but also your fans" I quietly state looking at Louis. "What?" Harry asked. I look at him and nod. "She's hurting. She's going to drop Roselina off at Erin's and just probably go and cry in some old bathroom or just go to the coffee shop. She's masking her hurt and you guys don't even know it" I state. "I can't tell if she's hurting. She wasn't exactly in front of us" Harry said. I glare at him. "That doesn't matter! You're meant to be in love with her! I'm her best friend and can sense this from a block away. You're meant to know her and how she works Harry. You aren't a very good boyfriend if you can't work this out" I say. "I agree with Arianna" Gemma said as she stood. "I've watched at how Charice interacts with Rose and how she's acted towards us. She's been hurting for a while and you both aren't helping. You don't see it because you're too busy bagging on her Louis and you don't even notice it Harry because you don't actually look into her eyes" Gemma stated. "She's tried staying away and you're only going to get hurt. You're going to fight because you don't ask her how she is and one day she'll get fed up with it and not only leave you but take away your daughter" Gemma said. "And when she leaves you, it wasn't because she wasn't ready, it was because you didn't even pay her enough attention" I say. Harry stared at us both as the other girls nodded. "Even I can tell she isn't really here when she speaks" Daisy said. "You need to actually communicate with her" Perrie added. "Don't just give her compliments" Mia said. I frown as I felt something in my heart. "She's crying" I say. "How do you know?" Zayn asked. "We're like twins. I can feel her emotions" I reply. "Come on let's go find her" Daisy suggested and we all walk out.

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