Left at the alter

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I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


20. I'm still in love with you

I arrived in Cheshire and couldn't help but smile. I look at my sleeping daughter on the hotel bed. We arrived last night. No one knows we're gone apart from Arianna, who promised she wouldn't tell anyone, who doesn't know my location. I came here to try and talk to my father as we lost contact when I fled. Roselina awoke and I got her ready for the day. "Let's go out and explore" I say as she smiled.

Harry's P.O.V
I sigh as I try to reach Charice. "Why is she not picking up?" I ask. "Everything alright?" Niall questioned. "Where is Charice?" I ask. Everyone shared a look and I narrow my eyes. "She's left London" Arianna spoke up. I frown. "Why do you even want to talk to her?" Zayn asked. I sigh. "Because she has our daughter and I-I still love her" I answer. "Why have you never mentioned this before?" Daisy asked. "Because she left me" I answer. "She won't date Harry again" Arianna spoke up. I frown. "Why?" I ask. "Because she's scared of hurting you again. She's scared of letting you into her and Roselina's life completely and you all of sudden up and leave when things get too hard" she explained. "Arianna's right. She's told me this" Liam piped up. I nod my head feeling hurt.
Weeks passed until I received a phone call from mum. "Hello?" I ask. "I just wanted to check up on you" she replied. I frown. "You checked up on me yesterday. What is it?" I question. I heard her sigh. "Charice is here in Cheshire. She has a daughter" mum answered. I felt my heart slightly break. "Ar you sure it's her? Does the little girl have blonde curly hair?" I ask. "Yes wait how did you know?" mum answered. "Because that's my daughter" I explain. "HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!" mum yelled. I pulled the phone away from my ear. "Before you start ranting, I had no idea until a few weeks ago. Gemma ran into her and Arianna at the park a few months ago. I eventually asked for a DNA test, we did one, I received the results which were negative but last month Charice gave me the real ones and must've fled to Cheshire" I explain. I heard silence from the other end. "Are you still there?" I ask. "Yes, I'm here as is Carol" mum replied. "I'm flying home" I say.

Charice's P.O.V
polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=96883105]It's been a month and I finally feel happy and like I belong. For once I feel like I'm at home. Yes there's a possibility that I could run into Anne or mum but I'll think of an excuse when I cross that bridge. "Ma can I pwease have a drink?" Roselina asked. I smile and pick her up. I grabbed a poppa for her and we went home to relax.
Roselina wanted to go out and explore some more at the park. We walked along the path laughing. We passed a cafe when I heard my name get called. I turn around in confusement to see mum, Anne, Gemma and Harry sitting at a table. I walk over to them with Rose on my hip. Harry stood up and walked over to me. "Why'd you leave and not tell anyone?" he asked. "Arianna knew she just didn't know our location" I reply. He frowned. "You left with our daughter and you didn't tell me" he said. I sigh. "Harry, I don't want you in her life" I state. He frowned looking hurt. "But she's my daughter! I have a right to be in her life. I never knew that I was a father" he said. "And I take full responsibility for that but I can't have you walking out when things get hard. I hurt you yet you still keep coming back" I explain. "What makes you think I'd walk out?" he asked. I just look at him. "I don't want my daughter getting hurt. You'll have to tour and miss important milestones in her life" I say. "What if you two came with us when we toured?" he asked. "I couldn't do that" I say. "Mummy, I'm hungry" Rose whined. I look at my daughter and smile. "I promise once mummy's finished, you and I will go and eat" I reply. Rose nodded and wanted to be put down so I placed her on the ground and held her hand. "Look Harry I can't have you in either one of our lives. I'm still in love with you and I can't let you or my daughter get hurt" I explain as Rose broke free of my grip. I turn around as she ran for the road. "ROSE!" I shout running after her. It was then that everything went in slow motion. I pushed my daughter out of the way as the car hit me. "CHARICE!" Harry yelled. I look around for Roselina and noticed that Gemma was holding her whilst mum called 000 (I'm Australian so I don't know the UK's emergency number). I saw Roselina screaming trying to get to me, Gemma crying and Anne crying as was mum. I looked at Harry who was bent over me trying to get me to stay awake. "I love you" I say as my eyes were closing. "Charice, baby please" Harry pleaded. I closed my eyes and allowed the darkness to take over.

Arianna's P.O.V
I smile when Gemma's contact name showed up. "Hello. How's Cheshire?" I ask. "Charice has gotten into an accident!" Gemma's frantic voice said. "What?" I ask. "You have to hurry! It's really bad. She's in a critical condition and they don't know if she'll make it" Gemma said as a sob escaped her mouth. "We're all on our way' I say hanging up. I look up at everyone as I held in my tears. "Charice is in hospital. They don't know if she'll make it" I announce.

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