Left at the alter

****Off my Quotev account****

I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


8. I'm sorry

I sigh as Ari dragged me into the cafe where Gemma and Liam sat at a table. "Hey" Ari greeted sitting down. I sat next to her and smile. "So how is everyone?" Ari asked. "Well Eleanor and Louis have two children together except they're relationship is on the rocks" Liam answered. "Everyone else is good. I'm with Daisy Hills my fiance..." Liam said filling us in on everyone while Gemma and I sat quietly not saying a word. We glanced at each other but no words were spoken. "So you have a child now?" Liam asked me. "Yeah Roselina Emerald Mills" I answer. "How old is she?" he questioned. "My baby girl is two turning three" I smile. "Her birthday is on October the 8th" I answer. "How is Harry? You just never mentioned how he was earlier" I say. "He's great" Gemma cut in. "Yeah he's been really good" she said. I nod my head and grin. "That's fantastic" I reply. "I'd like to say thank you for what you did about Greg" Gemma added. I nod my head. "I did it for Ari and because no girl should be toyed with" I say with a tiny shrug. She nodded. "Do you guys want to have dinner with us and the boys along with their wives?" Liam asked. "I can't. I have a daughter and I can't just keep having her babysat" I answer. "Bring her along" Gemma said. I look at Ari who gave me a pleading look. "Maybe but I work a lot and stuff" I answer. "Please Charice?" Liam asked. "Look everyone hates me for what I did to Harry" I say. "Please just do it" Gemma said. I shake my head. "Fine but if anything goes wrong, I'm leaving" I state.

Ari, Roselina and myself entered Liam's house. "Hi Roselina" Liam greeted. Rosie waved shyly. We all walked into the lounge room and it went dead silent. "You made it" Gemma stated. "Yeah" I reply. "Nice shirt" a lady with brown hair said. Ari looked at my shirt then at me. "You wore that shirt?" she asked. "Um I was actually going to turn up in sweats" I reply as Liam laughed. I look at Rosie who was looking at everyone in awe. "It's alright honey" I say quietly. She looked at me and smiled. "This is Daisy" Liam said wrapping his arm around the brown haired lady. "Charice" I smile shaking her hand. "Wow you're beautiful" she said. I smile. "Thanks but it's you who I should compliment" I say as Roselina rested her head on my shoulder. Liam pointed to each of the boys fiance/wife. We ate dinner and it was awkward. There was random chatter from Arianna, Gemma, Daisy and Liam but everyone else kept silent. The commotion started in the lounge room. "So I'm thinking on having Lillies for my bouquet" Daisy smiled. I smile. "They are gorgeous" I comment with a smile. "Or you can have cheap flowers in case you decide to run" Louis stated. I turn my head and look at him. "Yeah just ask Charice on how to ditch your groom because she knows exactly what to do" Zayn said. "I get that you all hate me for hurting Harry but I wasn't ready. Yes I had a feeling I was but I wasn't. The minute I saw him standing at the end of the aisle, I wasn't reassured that it was right. I wasn't reassured that he was the one. But I'm sorry. I wasn't going to get to the end of the aisle and tell him that so I ran. He didn't even call me. It was Arianna that did. It was Arianna who was there for me when no one else called. Not even my own mother called. No she was too worried about Harry" I state with tears in my eyes. "None of you had any idea what it was like. Do you really think I wanted to run? I couldn't call Harry because no one had their phone on them. You can all hate me I don't care but no one even tried to contact me to hear how I was feeling or for me to explain" I say clenching my jaw as stray tears fell. I shake my head and pick my daughter up. I noticed Liam frowned as he stared at Roselina. He looked at me and then to Harry and he looked like he was working something out. "Who did you say was the father to Roselina?" he asked. "I didn't" I reply. Liam's mouth fell open. "It isn't" he said.

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