Left at the alter

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I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


6. I still love you

I stop and turn around. Jemma looked between Harry and I. "Uh do you want to uh catch up sometime?" Jemma asked. I looked at her the Harry then to Louis who was glaring and then to Arianna then back to Jemma. "I don't have the time sorry" I lie. "Let's go eat" I say kind of dragging Ari away. "Why'd you lie to her?" Ari asked. I shrug. "I don't know but did you see the way Louis was glaring. I couldn't exactly say yes to her" I reply. "You left his best mate at the alter" Arianna stated. I sigh and remember when I first met the boys.
Harry dragged me into a room where sat four boys. "Hazzy" I whisper who just dragged me over. "Boys this is Charice Mills my best friend and girlfriend" Harry grinned. I look up and the boys were staring at me as if they were examining. "How long have you been friends for?" Liam asked as we sat down. "Since we were four" I answer. "How long have you been dating for?" Liam asked. "For six months. I asked her out the second I got off stage" Harry said grinning. I couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm. "Do you guys want a drink?" he asked. "Yes please" they answered. Harry looked at me and I shook my head. "No thank you" I reply. "You sure? We have water if you want water" he said. I smile at him. "I'm fine Hazzy" I reply. He nodded and kissed my head before leaving. "How many ex boyfriends you had?" Zayn asked. I looked at him. "Six" I answer. "Ever cheated?" Niall asked. I shake my head. "Planning on marrying him?" Liam asked. I stared at him bewildered. "We're seventeen" I state. "When you're old enough" he said. I shrug and look at my neon yellow nails. "If we last that long" I answer with a pink tinge. I look up and smile at Harry when he enters. He passes all the boys a drink then places himself next to me. He opened his water and started drinking it and accidently spilled some. I sigh and look at my boyfriend. "Cherry I'm sorry uh we could swap shirts" he apologised guiltily. "Babe no offence but I'm not letting you wear my shirt plus I'm not made as it's just water" I reply and he nodded but kept glancing at it when the boys were speaking. "Stop it" I hiss. He looked at me. "I'm sorry for spilling water on you" he replied. "Harry let it go. I'm not made alright" I state as I grab his water. "Plus pay back's a bitch" I state before spilling a little on his shirt. He stared at it then looked at me. "Wait until we leave" he stated wrapping his arms around me.

I sat at home staring at a picture of the boys, Arianna, Jemma, the boys girlfriends and myself. We were 19/20/21 then and looked so happy. I smile and rub my finger over Harry's face. "I still love you" I whisper before placing it down. I regret my decision of ditching Harry but I just wasn't ready enough. "Don't let me; Don't let me; Don't let me go cause I'm tired of sleeping alone" the radio sang. I felt the tears drip as I listen to Harry's voice fill my ears. There was a knock on the door and I stood up and opened it with a grin only for it to fall off my face at the person in front of me. "How the hell did you find me?" I ask.


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