Left at the alter

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I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


28. Flashback / This is stupid

Charice's P.O.V
I sat on the couch flicking through an old photo album I found. Roselina was still asleep. I sigh as my eyes landed on a photo of Harry and myself. We were at his place as Anne was having a barbieque.
Harry wrapped his arms around my waist as I sat on his lap. "Comfy?" he asked. I nod my head. "Very" I answer. "You two should just date already" Gemma stated. "Gemma" Anne scolded. Harry and I laugh. "Are you excited for your audition?" I ask Harry. "Yeah but I'm also nervous" he replied. "You'll do great" I say as I rest my head on his shoulder.

It's the day of Harry's audition and I was nervous for him. I watched as Harry went over his audition song. He warmed up his voice. I couldn't help but stare at his mouth. The way it moved when he spoke, sang, laughed or just pouted. His mouth was one of my favourite things about him. My other favourite thing about him was his dimples. No matter what his expression is, they always managed to show up. I looked at his hands and how big they were. They are a lot bigger thn mine and I liked that. I then looked at his hair. His brown curls were always soft. He didn't mind me touching them as it felt good. I then looked at his legs. They were long which made the boy taller than me. I only come up to his shoulder which I don't mind as it's easier for me to jump onto his back. I looked at his pink lips. So plump and always being licked at how nervous he got. I then met his beautiful green emerald eyes. His eyes were also a personal favourite. They were just so green and beautiful. Sometimes you could see your refelction but other days they had an emotion to them that I couldn't figure out. I watched as Harry smiled at me, causing his dimples to show, his green orbs to twinkle and his perfect teeth to show. He flicked his brown curls and I couldn't help but let my heart skip a beat. "Are you alright?" he questioned. All I can do is nod as his voice fills my ears. His slow raspy yet sexy voice is perfect like his personality.
Harry came running off stage as I wrapped my arms around him. "You did so well" I whisper. We pull away and looked at me straight in the eyes. "Charice I've been meaning to ask you for a long time now but uh will you be my girlfriend?" he asked. I smiled and nod my head. "Of course" I answer. All he did was grin like a madman.

I was pulled out of my daydream by a giggle. I noticed I was staring at the picture from when Harry auditioned for the show. I smiled to myself and looked up to see Harry holding Roselina. He caught sight of the photo and grinned at it. "Looking through old memories, huh?" he questioned. "Well I found it in your bookshelf and decided to just have a look and just remembered all the memories that came with the pictures" I explain. Harry sat down and kissed my cheek. "Mum called and wanted to know when we were going back to Cheshire" he started. I bit my lip as he continued. "I told her that I'd talk to you about it" he finished. I shrug my shoulders. "Well I'm happy to go back but it's you that I'm worried about" he said. "Harry honestly if you want to go back, then do it" I reply. He frowned. "Why just me? Mum wanted to know when we were going back not just myself" he said. Rose had gotten up and left to go play with her toys while I stood up and faced Harry. "I nearly died saving my daughter which wasn't even my fault. You distracted me" I state. Harry looked taken aback and slightly angry. "It's my fault?" he repeated. "If you had never shown up that day then I'd never have nearly lost my daughter or my own life" I reply. "If I had never have shown up, you wouldn't know how I feel. Rose wouldn't be with her father and you'd still be in Cheshire in fact we wouldn't be where we are now" he said. "If I hadn't been somewhat forced to stay in Liam and Daisy's life, we wouldn't be where we are now. Sometimes I just wish I never agreed to date you." I say. Harry stared at me in disbelief. "If that's the way you feel then fine. Consider me gone" he said grabbing his jacket. "Harry I didn't mean it like that" I say. "Really? Because it sounded like it" he said opening the door. "Fine walk away like you usually do Styles. It's what you do best, isn't it?" I yell after him. I heard the door slam shut and he walked back into the living room. "What did you just say?" he asked. I shrug. "You know I couldn't figure out why I resented you so much for a few years of our friendship but then I remembered that it's because you only care about yourself. You always walk away from your problems. You just are a self centered jerk" I spit. Harry glared at me. "As if you're perfect. You always try to work out what one is thinking. You always try to become the centre of attention. You're over dramatic and think that you're perfect when in reality, you aren't" Harry stated. I felt the anger inside me boil. "The only reason I try to work out what you're thinking or anyone else is because I know when something is on their mind and it's bothering them. I hate being the centre of attention and I'm no where near over dramatic. I have never thought that I was perfect becuase perect people aren't real" I retort. It was silent for a minute before I shake my head and scoff. "This is stupid" I state. "Like you?" Harry asked. "And to think that I'm still in love with you" I say. "Whatever Harry. I'm done with whatever we are. Just go back to the life you were living before you even met me because this time I'm seriously done. I'm taking Roselina with me and I don't want to hear from you again" I declare. He stared at me as I turn on my heel and march to our his bedroom. I pack all of my items then I go and do the same to Roselina's stuff. I placed our stuff in the car which took more than one trip. I came up and saw Roselina and Harry laughing when I enter the lounge room. "Roselina, honey it's time to go" I say. She looked up confused. "Why?" she asked. "Because we're going to go and visit Aunt Lacey" I answer. She turned to Harry and smiled. "Bye daddy, I love you" she said hugging him. He kissed her on the head and then I pick her up. I turn to close the door and saw Harry sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. I couldn't help but feel no guilt well a tiny bit but that was all. I shut the door and that was the last time I saw Harry.

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