Left at the alter

****Off my Quotev account****

I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


1. Charice Mills

Hi I'm Charice Mills and I'm 24.
I have so many friends so I won't mention them. I will mention my best friend Arianna though.
I like to eat, sleep, shop and work.
I don't like bugs, mice, sleazy men or jellyfish.
My style is dressy, elegant and girly.
My job is different things like sometimes I'd be a model but then I'd be an agent. I'm joking, I'm really a teacher and a fashion person in magazines.
My birthday is 24th of February. 
I'm sweet, cheerful, loyal and trusty but I can be a mega bitch.
As you can see I have blonde hair and to match that blonde hair I have crystal blue eyes.
I'm rich and won't settle for something cheap.
My family is in Bradford and Holmes Chapel. Mum and dad split when I was 10 but it didn't effect me. I have a sister; Lacey who is 27. I also had another sister Emerald but she passed when I was 10 and she was 11 at the time. On my dad's side I have two brothers Jacob, 28 and Luke 19. And a little sister Holly who is 5. His wife Hannah is very nice and kind and weirdly enough, her and my mum get on great.
My nicknames are; Char, Cherry or Mills
I'm also rich but don't flaunt it as I find it wrong. I'm addicted to fashion and I have a daughter named Roselina Emerald Mills.


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