Left at the alter

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I was scared and not ready. But then I found out I was pregnant. For three years I survived under the radar but once his sister spots me in a park. I know my cover is blown.


23. Awakening / Something like that

Charice's P.O.V
I felt myself being sucked out of the dance I was having with George Washington and was pushed into a pool of darkness. I slowly and carefully opened my eyes to see a bright light. I noticed a nurse writing something in a folder. She glanced up and smiled at me. "You're awake" she said. "How long have I been out for? And what happened?" I ask. "For two months. You awoke six weeks ago but your heart started to fail and so we manged to restart your heart but you went into a coma. Your heart stopped once again so we put you on life support" she explain. "Is my daughter here?" I ask. "Actually, everyone's here for you. They're in the waiting room" she said. "Can you please send them in?" I ask. The nurse nodded and left. Soon in came the doctor and my friends and family. "Good afternoon Miss Mills. I am Doctor Wallace" Doctor Wallace smiled. I smile back. "Well you already know who I am so I won't bother introducing myself" I reply. He chuckled and looked at my chart. "Now, you'e got three broken ribs, you did have a broken leg and arm but that healed. When you go to the bathroom, you'll notice the bruises on your right cheek and the stitches on your temple from where we had to pull out a piece of glass that was two inches big" the doctor explained looking up. "Now we have to keep an eye on you still as your heart can give out at any moment. Most of your injuries have healed but when you get out, you'll need to have someone either stay with or you stay at a friends of families house so they can look after you and obviously your daughter" he said. I nod my head and sigh. "How long am I in here for?" I question. "Another two weeks. Once you head home, you'll have a doctors appointment every week with your personal GP" Doctor Wallace answered. I smile and he left. I turned my head to see Rose holding onto to Harry. "Hey baby girl" I greet. Harry placed Roselina on the bed and she hugged me and cried. I saw Harry leave the room and Louis followed him. "I'm so glad you're alright" Arianna said as her eyes filled with tears. I smile and grabbed her hand. "You couldn't get rid of me even if you wanted to"  I say.
Harry eventually walked back in with puffy eyes. Everyone left to give us our space. "How are you feeling?" he questioned. I shrug. "Tired. Cold. Sore. Angry" I answer. "How are you?" I ask. Harry shrugged. "I watched my daughter nearly get hit by a car. I watched my best friend and ex-fiance get hit and nearly died. I watched the girl I'm in love with die. I then watch the same girl die once more. Two months of agony and trying to explain to Rose on why mummy isn't awake yet went by with no result and then today you awoke. So I'm mixed with emotions" he said. I pat the bed and Harry sat next to me. "I told you I was going to hurt you again" I say as he placed his arm around me. Harry looked at me and shrugged. "I love you. That's what I was trying to tell you without saying it aloud. You obviously didn't get the hint. I love you. I know you left me and ever since, you've been trying to keep away from me or tried pushing me away but it's not working. Everywhere that us boys toured, I still searched and hoped I'd see you but it never happened" he explained. "How can you not hate me? I hate myself so much for what I did to you. Everyone hates me even my own mother" I explain. He sighed and kissed my head. "I never hated you. I've just been angry that you did it and you didn't tell me how you felt" Harry replied. I sigh and rest my head on his shoulder. "I'm so so so sorry" I apologise. "I'll forgive you if you and Rose stay with me and you let me into both your lives" Harry stated. I think about it then slowly nod. "Fine. Just promise not to leave when things get hard" I reply. "I promise" he said.

It's been four weeks so a month. I told Rose Harry's her father. Rose and I are still living with Harry. He takes her out sometimes so that I can rest. We act like a couple but we're not. The doctor has said that my ribs are healed and I am free to live life normally.
"Baby, go and get your shoes on please" I instruct my daughter. Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. "Go and get some rest" Harry said. "I'm all ready to go out. The doctor told me I can live life normally" I reply. He sighed. "I just don't want you getting hurt again" he said.
I held one of Roselina's hand's while Harry held the other. "What do you want for dinner tonight?" I ask as I look at my phone. "I have no idea" Harry replied. "Rose, what do you want?" I question my baby girl. "McDonalds!" she exclaimed. Harry and I laugh. "Alright" I answer. I noticed a few girls sitting on a bench taking photos as discretely as they possibly can. "Char, everything alright?" Harry asked as him and Rose sat on that exact bench. I nod my head. I let go of my daughter's hand and walked over to the curb where news stand was held. I stepped onto the road and Harry yelled my name. I turn my head and quickly walked over. "What's wrong?" I ask worriedly. He grabbed my hand. "Be careful when you step onto the road please. I lost you once and nearly twice. I'm not having it happen a third time" he said. I realized his problem and hug him. "You won't lose me" I whisper. We pull away and I lean down to my daughter's height. "You ready to go an visit Uncle Liam and Aunt Daisy?" I ask. She nodded and I face Harry. "Will you please hold my bag?" I ask with a slight smirk on my face. "You're not serious are you?" he questioned. I raise my eyebrows. "Yes I am" I answer. He sighed and held the bag while grumbling under his breath. I pick up Rose and settle her on my hip. I face Harry and smile. "That bag actually suits you. Kind of" I comment as I take it from him. "You're lucky we're in public" he said with smirk. I raise my eyebrows. "What? Otherwise you'd tickle me to death?" I ask. "Something like that" he muttered as we walked towards Liam and Daisies apartment.


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