The Young Wolf

this is about a 16 year old wolf found unconscious in the snow by a pack leader travelling through. What happened to her? will she meet the man of her dreams soon to come? read to find out!


1. Snow Cold

Hi my name is Snow Cold and I am a wolf. 

My mother have birth to me in her wolf form and died after I came out. My father left me to fend for myself in horrible ways. I was born in the Antarctic and I have lived here my WHOLE life and I am turning 16 in a weeks time. I have white hair and bright blue eyes and pale skin. I've never turned human so. I'm packless! I don't belong to any pack. I am so used to the cold sometimes I think it is Summer! I could run around butt naked for 4 days and not get cold or frostbite! I hunt for food by myself. So you could call me a huntress or a killer as I rip there throats out! So anyways, gotta run!

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