The Young Wolf

this is about a 16 year old wolf found unconscious in the snow by a pack leader travelling through. What happened to her? will she meet the man of her dreams soon to come? read to find out!


2. Chapter 1

Snows POV 

i was running through and got distracted by a squirrel and ran into a tree. I fell unconscious. Uh-oh. 

"SHH!" A male voice came into hearing shot "but Alpha she's unconscious!" Another males voice comes "no she's not! Stand up sweetie" the 'Alpha' of the pack says. I stand on all fours slowly, whimpering a few times "what's your name?" The man asks petting me 'Snow' I mind link with him "that's a lovely name Snow!" He says "could you change into your human form please love?" He asks holding a cloak up. I try and try and eventually I feel myself human for the first time in my life "geez you must be cold!" He says wrapping the cloak around my body "no" I say casually "you must be!" He says feeling my hot arms "holy mother of pearl! Your not cold at all!" He says "oh! Well would you like to be apart of our pack? We have 1 girl and 35 boys?" He says. I nod in agreement and follow them. 


Angel's Note:

sorry it's a short chapter! Ill update later on for a bigger one:)

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