Counting Stars

Juliet struggles to deal with an identity crisis brought about by her past. The boys of One Direction set out to help her discover who she really is and who she should be known as. The entire time she has known them she has kept her past a secret from 4/5 of them. When she receives a call she finally gains the courage to tell another one of the boys. Then slowly one by one they all are told. Some feel betrayed and the others understand why she kept it from them.

Is she Julia Martin?
Juliet Summers?
Or does she go by Olivia Jackson for the rest of her life?
Each name has some painful memories behind it.

While doing this does her feelings for one of the boys create more problems that it solves?


3. Jessica Summers

Over 8 months had gone by and we had gotten together on average about twice a week. Instead of him using me just after a break up he would sometimes use me as a way of a break up or just when he was stressed. So it began a regular occurrence for him to be getting dressed at 6am in the morning on any given day before heading out to his work. Or I was the one getting up quite early to leave for work. When him and the boys went on tour I ended up going with them, not because Harry wanted me to but because Niall did. Niall knew what Harry and I had going but that didn’t stop him from admitting that he likes me and it definitely didn’t stop us from having sex when I was frustrated and Harry was unavailable.


Their fans are said to be obsessed and crazy. That they are notorious for finding out peoples life stories. That didn’t work when it came to me. Olivia Jackson had no life before she was 18 and none of them had even seen the resemblance between Olivia and Julia. They were just looking in terms of names. Only Harry knows who I really am and that’s how I want it to stay. I had Jasper flown out to me numerous times during the tour just so I had someone to keep me grounded. Jasper and Nick are doing quite well together, almost 2 years now.


But right now everything was crumbling beneath me. The American part of the tour was over and I was back in London with Niall. Just one call made everything crumble.


“Hello?” I answered the call from a blocked number.

“Hi… Uh is this Juliet?” I hissed at the sound of my real name from this stranger. Only person who was every allowed to call me Juliet was Harry and only during sex or when he was angry.

“Who is this?” I snapped.

“I’m sorry… I know I shouldn’t be calling but I just thought I would let you know…” The stranger said.

“Know what?” I was getting more and more agitated.

“Your ah… Jessica is in the hospital.” The voice whispered and I could hear the pain in the voice; obviously they are close to Jessica.

“Oh…” I whispered as I looked down at my feet. I don’t know how to feel about that. She is my mother, but she never raised me, she didn’t want anything to do with me. That’s just because of what your father did to her. She would have loved you otherwise. My conscience was beginning to talk to me.

“I know this is so strange but she wants you here. You may not want to come and if so she understands. But she wishes to explain to you some things… She wants you to know your father.” The stranger said through the phone. I sighed. What could possibly go wrong? I reasoned with myself.

“What hospital?” I asked. She told me the hospital and luckily it was only a 30-minute drive from Niall’s home. I told her I would be there in roughly 40 minutes before I hung up.


“Niall I’m going out for a while!” I called out to him. I heard him reply with, “Alright be careful! Oh and take Sean!” I rolled my eyes. I always have to take Sean when I leave the boys otherwise I get mobbed. So I decided to take Sean but he wasn’t allowed to go into the hospital room. We made our way there quickly although I would have been fine with doing the speed limit Sean thought that my visit to the hospital might have been important and urgent.


I walked inside calmly and went to the front desk with Sean trailing behind.

“Hi… I’m um looking for what room Jessica is in… I’m not sure of her last name.” I said awkwardly to the nurse at the desk. She looked at me with an odd expression. Most likely wondering why I’m visiting someone in the hospital if I don’t even know her full name.

“Do you know a relative or something that could help narrow the search?” She asked me as she rested her fingers on the keyboard in front of her.

“Uh…” I hesitated for a bit. I didn’t know if Jessica had put me down as a relative on her file or not. I looked around to see Sean sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting room and no one close enough to hear.

“A close friend of hers is uh… Julia Martin… She might have been put down as a contact.” I said to her in an almost whisper. That name was still easy to recognise to anyone who has watched the news these last nearly 3 years. Her eyes went wide and stared at me, when she realized who I was she nodded her head and typed at the computer.


“Oh yes you’re looking for Jessica Summers. She’s in room 106 Ms Martin.” The lady smiled at me. That was the most comforting look I had ever received from someone when they knew my real name. I made my way to the room with Sean following. I took a deep breath before knocking on the door. I heard someone reply for me to come in. Sean waited outside the door as I walked inside. I didn’t know what to do as I stood there in front of the door as I noticed two young ladies sitting either side of Jessica who was strapped up to different machines.

“We’ll leave you two.” One of the young ladies said before they both exited the room.

“I’m happy you came… Please come sit.” She motioned me over to the seat next to her bed.

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