Counting Stars

Juliet struggles to deal with an identity crisis brought about by her past. The boys of One Direction set out to help her discover who she really is and who she should be known as. The entire time she has known them she has kept her past a secret from 4/5 of them. When she receives a call she finally gains the courage to tell another one of the boys. Then slowly one by one they all are told. Some feel betrayed and the others understand why she kept it from them.

Is she Julia Martin?
Juliet Summers?
Or does she go by Olivia Jackson for the rest of her life?
Each name has some painful memories behind it.

While doing this does her feelings for one of the boys create more problems that it solves?


2. Explanations

I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s so bad about my past? That I’m only 19 so what kind of a past could I have. Well it’s simple yet complicated.


My father is a notorious serial killer. Yes a serial killer. For 21 years he kidnapped, raped and murdered young women. Andria, the mother who raised me, had no clue about it and neither did I. She came into the picture when I was one but I always knew her as my mum. I had grown up for 7 years of my life thinking she was my true biological mother. She died when I was 8 and I still remember crying for weeks. The death was ruled as an unsolved murder. There were no leads, no suspects, not even my father was suspected because he had a solid alibi that placed him at a bank an hour away at the time of her murder.


For those 21 years everyone in the UK knew of the Orange Hooded serial killer. And for those 21 years every man in the UK never wore an orange hood out in public. There were plenty of suspects and somehow the police decided my father was a suspect. When I was 17 they arrested him for the murder and rape of 45 women, one of them was my mother. I was taken with the police and explained to what my father had been doing behind my back.


Him and what he did repulsed me. The police searched our house for any evidence and ended up finding a 37-year-old woman in a basement under our shed. She asked the police immediately about her daughter only they never found a daughter in the shed. After some investigation it was realized that this woman, Jessica, was my biological mother and that Andria was just the woman who raised me.

Even though she asked about me she still wanted nothing to do with me, saying I reminded her too much of my father. The trial was long and he was sentenced to life in prison on 45 counts of rape and murder in the first degree with no chance of bail. By the time he was sentenced I was already 18 so I received all of my families money and stayed with my best friend for a while until the entire thing calmed down and I managed to find a flat of my own. I never once showed support of my father and yet people hounded me every day for what he did. My car had been trashed about 60 times with hateful words sprayed onto it. After my flat went up in flames because of some dick head teenagers I decided to change my identity and go backpacking around Europe.


So I legally changed my name and used money I had saved up to pay for the trip. That was what landed me with meeting Harry. That day when he realized who I was I thought that it would change how he saw me. It only made him talk to me and want to see me more for some reason. Although I was always a bitch to him and his mates no matter what. When I was kicked out of the hotel because my money had run out Harry offered me a place to stay. Well he offered for me to share a bed with one of the other boys because Harry couldn’t stay away from having a one-night stand. So I ended up sharing with Zayn for the rest of their trip. I already had a return ticket to London that I just had to select the date. I decided to go back the same day the boys did and from there I would say goodbye and go back to my own life and get a new job.


Since I had dropped all contact with everyone back in London except my occasional call to my best friend, Jasper, I had nowhere but his place to go. Once back in London I stayed with Jasper and got a job at the radio station he worked at with his current boyfriend. It was no surprise to me that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other through out the day. Jasper would make it his mission to have Nick moan on air for everyone to hear. It always succeeded and Nick would cover it up by saying he was just eating the most amazing cupcake he had ever tasted. None of his listeners ever believed him. I went 5 months without talking or seeing any of the One Direction boys. That was until Niall and Liam had an interview at the radio station. After that Niall and I began to hang out more often and a few times I saw Harry. I could tell he never told any of the other boys about his realization, which I was thankful for.

One of the nights I was staying over at Niall’s place the rest of the boys invited themselves over for a sleepover. We watched movies, chatted and played truth or dare as well as getting pissed on cheep beer. The morning I woke up I realized I was in bed with Harry for the second time in my life. I tried getting up without waking him up but it didn’t work.




“You know this is the second time we’ve slept together right after I’ve broken up with a girlfriend.” He smirked at me.

“Don’t want to go making it a habit do we now?” I raised my eyebrow at him.

“I sure wouldn’t mind making it a habit. Well just the sex nothing else.” He said as I began to get dressed.

“Well maybe we could.” I winked at him.

“You mean it?” His face lit up.

“Only when we really need it. You use me and I use you.” I smirked at him.

“Well I get how I would be using you but how would you use me?” He asked.

“Well you clearly use me when you’ve just had a break up and I use you when I’m tense and stressed.” I smiled at him.

“So that’s it then? We’re going through with this?” He returned the smile.

“I guess so. No feelings attached. Just sex.” I nodded at him hoping he’d agree.

“Of course. Besides I can tell you have a thing for the leprechaun.” He winked at me. I instantly blushed before getting fully dressed and walking out the door, but not before writing my number down for him.


-End Flashback-

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