Fake Dating Harry Styles

They said it would be easy, they said it would boost both of our popularity. They said it would be easy fake-dating one of 1D's heartthrobs. Little did I know I was going into a lot more drama than I thought.


6. Ch. 6

I walk out of my hotel with shades on. I'm making my way to the boys' recording studio. I take the elevator up to the 11th floor to see Louis in the elevator. "Hey Louis!" I say as I push the 'close door' button. I turn around and feel Louis' lips crash onto mine. I'm up against the wall, having really no escape. I finally push him off. "Louis, what the heck?!" I practically scream. "I-I'm-I'm sorry Jenna, just I've somehow grown feelings for you.." He says quietly. "You have a girlfriend!" I say. "I know, but Eleanor is nothing like you." He says walking closer to me. "Louis, stop." I say. "You don't have real feelings for Harry, you're only fake dating him." Louis says, a slight smirk on his face. "You don't know that!" I say, pushing him away and walking out of the elevator that had opened. "Jenna wait!" Louis says. I turn around, my arms crossed. "Don't tell, Harry. Please? He's one of my best friends and I don't need him angry at me." He says. I think about it, nod and then head into their studio. "Jenna!" I hear them all say. I get mobbed by their hugs. They start recording one of their songs for their 3rd album. I take a picture of them singing in their booth and post it on twitter captioning it: "watching these boys record" tagging them. After they finish, I go up and hug Harry. "You did great." I say, and meaning it. "You wanna go grab something to eat?" He asks. "Of course." I say. We head to the McDonalds drivethru, not feeling to go out. We head back to Harry's place, seeing the boys already there. "Where's our food?" Niall asks as we walk into the room. "Oops?" Harry says laughing. Harry and I sit at the table eating our food when I get a call. "I gotta take this." I say getting up and going to the other room. It's Robbie. "Hey, Jenna baby, we need you here in New York to start recording your second album. Your plane will be leaving today at 5. Got it? Well bye Jenna!" He says over the phone rather quickly. I don't want to leave! I was just being normal with my friends and 'boyfriend'. I didn't want to leave Harry, I kinda did fancy him... I go back into the other room to see Harry finishing his food. "Who was that?" He asks, his mouth full. "You're gross," I say laughing. "It was just my manager." I say. "What'd he say?" He asks. "I'm leaving today." I say looking down. 
Harry POV
Leaving? Today? We only met a few days ago but I feel so good around her... I can just be myself. And I love her. Yes. I thought I wasn't  going to say it, but I'm in love with Jenna Anderson. The boys had left to go get their lunch, leaving Jenna and I alone. I stand up, holding her hands. "What? Jenna, I don't want you to leave... I-I-uh- I love you. Even though we haven't known each other for long, I feel myself around you. I feel like you've known me forever." I say. She doesn't say anything. There is silence. She pulls away from me and grabs her purse, and runs out the door. 
I run after Jenna. "Jenna wait!" I yell. I see her on a park bench. "Jenna, what's wrong?" I ask. I kneel down beside her. "No ones ever said those things about me. I just- I'm not good with relationships , I shut everyone out after a while, and I learned that I care to much about you to do that to you." She says. "Jenna, I really do love you. For real. And if you think that I'll stop because of that? C'mon Jenna. I'd go through hell for you." I say. "She embraces me in a hug. She then pull away, looks me in the eyes, and smashes her lips to mine. I kiss back, my hands around her waist. "I'm going to miss you." I say after we part. Our hands intertwine as we take a walk, talking about how we are going to keep in touch. "You promise you will call?" I ask. "I promise!" He says laughing. I can't believe that I actually fell in love with this guy. But my happiness didn't last long. I receive another call. I see the contact name and shudder. I answer. "Hel-hello?" I say. "Jenna, I'm back! Now who is this Harry boy?"

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