Fake Dating Harry Styles

They said it would be easy, they said it would boost both of our popularity. They said it would be easy fake-dating one of 1D's heartthrobs. Little did I know I was going into a lot more drama than I thought.


4. Ch. 4

They rest of the people in the hallway leave for their jobs, leaving Harry alone with me. "So Jenna, I heard you can sing." He says, smiling. "Just a little." I say, smiling back. Wait. No. This isn't real, just for popularity. "I'll introduce you to the boys." He says taking my hand and leading me down the hallway. We enter a door that reads, "One Direction" on it. He opens the door as I see the boys having a food fight. They freeze as I walk in. "Guys this is-" Harry starts. "Jenna Anderson. We know." Louis says, his eyes scanning me up and down. "Hey, Louis, eyes up here." I say laughing. There's silence. "Did I interrupt something?" I ask. I walk over to their table full of food, grab some popcorn, an throw it at the boys. "Oops!" I say laughing. There's another silence as I hear Liam scream. "Get her!" They all come down on me, throwing all kinds of food at me. I've actually never had this much fun before. Being famous limits the amount of friends you have. I fight back, throwing anything I can reach. "Well there goes all our food." Zayn says laughing. I think the boys aren't as bad as I thought. We settle down. I watch them do their final rehearsal before their show. I listen to all their songs, only recognizing a few. In the middle of one of their songs, I get pulled away by a man, I'm guessing to be 1D's manager. "You know why you're here?" He asked. "Yeah I'm here to date Harry." I say. "Yes. And only fake date Harry. Got it?" He says. "Uh. Yeah." I say. After the rehearsal I pull Harry aside. "This is only fake dating, right?" I say. "Yes. Only for popularity. Nothing else." He says back. We're joined by the rest of the boys. Louis just can't keep his eyes of me. Like its weird... He hasn't stopped staring at me for the last couple minutes. "Do they know we're fake dating?" I whisper in Harry's ear "yeah, they should." He says. 
*after concert* 
I had to stay and watch the concert because my limo was delayed. They were actually pretty good. During Harry's solos, he kept looking at me off stage. He did have a good voice. The boys come backstage. "Great job, guys!" I say. I give each of them high fives, but also giving Harry a hug. After the arena cleared out, I make my way outside to my limo waiting for me. I was about to get in the limo when I hear Harry run up to me. "Hey, if were fake dating, I think I should get your number." He says with a smirk. This is what bugs me though. Him thinking he can get any girls number that easy. But I guess so. "Ugh fine. Here." I say typing my number into his contacts. He takes my phone and saves his number, his contact name reading 'Harry<3'. I continue to get into the car when Harry stops me again. I turn around as his lips crash into mine. I immediately pull off. "What was that?" I ask, flustered. "I think we should practice before kissing in front of the camera." He says, winking. I roll my eyes and get into the car. As I drive away, I sarcastically blow him a kiss. I slump down on the seat. How am I going to keep this up? If he keeps acting like that, I might just go crazy.


sorry I didn't update, first week of school😁 sorry this sucks it's my second first attempt !  


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