Fake Dating Harry Styles

They said it would be easy, they said it would boost both of our popularity. They said it would be easy fake-dating one of 1D's heartthrobs. Little did I know I was going into a lot more drama than I thought.


3. Ch. 3

I wake up in, I'm guessing, a hotel room. I yawn, stretch my arms, and get up. "Ahh finally! The sleeping popstar has awoken! Here's the plan- you are going to meet  One Direction to get to know them, then you are going to the movie premiere as Harry's date, then- well you can figure out the rest." Robbie says. He babbles on as we make our way to meet One Direction. We arrive at an arena. I'm supposed to meet them before their show. We slip our way past the fans waiting in line already. We head backstage. I see the blond one, Niall, sprinting down the hallway. He suddenly stops. "Harryyyyyyy!" He screams over his shoulder as he sees me. Harry comes walking casually down the hallway towards me. Niall then continues to sprint down the hall. The other 3 boys chase after Niall, pausing to look me up and down. Harry looks me in the eyes. "I don't believe we met, but I've heard wonderful things about you. Im Harry." He says sticking out his hand. "Jenna." I say as I stick out my hand, him grabbing it and kissing it. 



I'm so bad at writing😂 oh well haha. Sorry for the boring chapters, it'll get interested in the next couple chapters:) 


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