The Unexpected *One Direction Love Story* -ON HOLD-

Niall and Harry, and the rest of One Direction were my best friends. I met them a little before the X Factor, when I was actually auditioning myself. We all talked and got to know each other. We became friends instantly. I haven't seen them since the X factor, and miss them like crazy! But, there probably busy singing and going on tours and stuff.

-Who will fall in love with who? Who will Rebecca choose and would it ruin there friendship forever? What's going to happen?-

PS: This story is on my Quotev account, and maybe my other ones that are on my profile... If you find this story elsewhere, that's not on any of the users on my profile, please tell me!! Thank you!


12. Do you hate me?

Lol... Do you guys hate me for all these updates? I usually have short updates or whatever at the end of some chapters, but haven't for a few.. I think.

Do you like the story so far, is it still boring? Getting more interesting, weird? What?! xD

Just want to know.

Are you guys excited about Jammie coming and do you want me to bring her already? xD

I wanna know! So tell me guys! ♥

Love you.

Oh, and this is really short update.. this note, actually. I have to go now, but I'll update tomorrow! Yup, update on Halloween night! If I can that is.

PS: I have chapter 10 almost done! I was writing it out now, but have to go. I'll finish it tomorrow! Sorry to keep you guys waiting.

Thanks for reading!
You rock, stay perfect! ♥

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