The Unexpected *One Direction Love Story* -ON HOLD-

Niall and Harry, and the rest of One Direction were my best friends. I met them a little before the X Factor, when I was actually auditioning myself. We all talked and got to know each other. We became friends instantly. I haven't seen them since the X factor, and miss them like crazy! But, there probably busy singing and going on tours and stuff.

-Who will fall in love with who? Who will Rebecca choose and would it ruin there friendship forever? What's going to happen?-

PS: This story is on my Quotev account, and maybe my other ones that are on my profile... If you find this story elsewhere, that's not on any of the users on my profile, please tell me!! Thank you!


13. Chapter 9

Rebecca's POV:

I was videotaping the boys performing, I got the 11 year old girl telling the boys that they are her inspiration and everything, how sweet was that, I thought to myself.

After the signing, questions and singing was done, we all decided to go out and eat. Harry looked happy again, which was really good. I think Niall was trying to make him laugh, they were joking around in the tour bus for most of the time.

We went to some restaurant, it was sort of fancy. It was already 5 pm and we were all hungry. We all talked about the concert, and how the fans were so excited and everything. We were talking about this one person who threw a water bottle on stage, it had water in it and it spilled a little, it was while the boys were performing One Thing and they didn't really know who threw it, because they were performing in a big room and the lights were half blinding them. They couldn't see that far away, and the fans don't understand that.

The boys walked around the spilled water and you could see them all smiling when they saw it on the stage.
They were just about done singing the songs, almost done there last part, they were singing I Want now, there last song for today.

When the guys were done, they said bye to the fans and got off stage. "We're going to change, wait right here" Louis told me while walking toward me, I nodded when he reached me, and he walked into the changing rooms behind the boys.

While waiting for the boys, I felt a small buzz in my pocket, and took out my phone. My mom texted me saying "Hey honey, where are you? Are you having fun?" I almost forgot my mom and family, I was so excited and was having so much fun. I replied saying  "Hi mom, the boys just finished performing for today, and we're going out to eat or something probably, yeah I am having fun!".

She replied about two minutes later saying "Alright, have fun! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, your sisters and brother are going to camp for awhile, and after that they are going to stay at your aunts house. Your step dad and I have a business trip for a whole year." When I read that, I didn't believe it, yeah maybe they were going on a business trip, but it was probably planned out or something. I was fine with it, as long as I wouldn't have to bring my siblings along with me.

"Alright mom, well I have to go now." I replied and put away my phone, the boys came out of the changing room awhile after.

"Are we ready?" Zayn asked as we all stood beside each other now. We all nodded and started heading out. The fans were crazy still, crowded around us, but the body guards made it easier to walk through and not get mobbed by the fans. Got this all on my camera.

We were in the tour bus, talking, laughing, joking around and chatting away. Before I knew it, we were already at the restaurant!
Paul dropped us off, he said he had to do some things so he left when we got off. Guess we were taking a cab home!

When we got there, Louis and Niall were telling the waiter about our reservation while Harry was starring off in space, probably thinking about something while Zayn and Liam were looking around.

After about a minute later, the waiter showed us our table and Niall slid to the end, I followed and Louis came in after me. Zayn, Harry and Liam sat down at the other side. After the waiter got us our food we all started eating right away.

Niall and I were half done our food and the rest of the boys were just a bit behind us, having more on their plates. "Looks like Niall found someone with an appetite as big as his!" Liam joked and I gave a small smile. I was just really hungry. Niall just gave a really small smile and looked at me and then my plate while chewing his food and the rest of the boys laughed.

I was really hungry, I eat fast too. I have a big appetite, and probably do eat just as much as Niall.. or at least, at the same speed.

After we were all done eating, we went to the hotel and went straight to our rooms. It was now 8 pm, so it was getting late, the guys and I took awhile eating (around an hour or so) and we talked for around 30 minutes after we were all done, and finally left.

When we got to the hotel, I went into my room and changed out of my dress. When I was done, I got out of my room, and saw no one was there, so I went into the kitchen, opening the fridge, remembering we just came back from eating so much. I wasn't hungry, but it was just a habit.. Kind of like Niall.

I sat down on the couch in front of the TV, and started flipping channels and just ended up putting some random movie on. I didn't care what it was about, I just starred at the TV blankly. I heard a small noise, like a door opening and looked back to see who it was.

It was Harry who came out. He wasn't expecting to see me there, he raised his eyebrow up a little like he was saying something like "What are you doing awake?"

He looked sort of surprised to see me but then shrugged and sat down beside me. We didn't talk, we were starring at the TV for about an hour, when I finally asked "Are the others sleeping?" he took his eyes of the TV and looked at the room doors, "Yeah, they're all really tired" he replied with a sigh.

"You couldn't sleep?" I asked curiously, seeing as Harry was still awake and had changed out of the clothes he had on when we were at the restaurant. Now, he had a more relaxing outfit on. (T Shirt, Shorts, flip flops). "Nope.. I tried, but I couldn't" he said looking back at the TV. I nodded and starred at the TV again. "I'm guessing you could't sleep either" he said a minute later looking at me, I looked up at him and shook my head. "Nope..Couldn't sleep" and we both looked at the TV again.

It had now been an hour since Harry and I talked, we had been watching some weird movie and it was almost over I'm guessing. "Well.. it's late" Harry said as he stretched his arms a little, he had them up in the air and then put them back down, leaning forward, elbows on his knees and was now looking at me.

I looked at the time, 11 pm? Are you serious, it was late!! Harry came out of his room at only 9:40pm and now it was 11:28pm. Had it really been that long?

I didn't notice that I didn't answer him, and I heard Harry moving a little. "Yeah.. we should go to bed or something" I finally said and he looked at me again nodding his head. We both got up and said good night. It was REALLY awkward for some reason.. Harry was awfully quiet, I guess he was tired of singing so much.

Anyways, I went into my room and closed the door. Tomorrow the boys had to perform again and the next day Jammie was going to be coming.

I got into bed and closed my eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep. 

I woke up with the sunlight hitting my eyes. It was 7:21 am and I changed out of my pajama's and into something else.

My outfit:

But of course I didn't have the purse with me. I left that in my room, I didn't wear those earrings either. Maybe another time.

I got out of the room and saw that Niall was already there, sitting on a bar stool fiddling around with his fingers. He gave me a smile and waved, I looked at him, smiled and waved back. The rest of the boys were in there rooms probably still.

I sat down beside him, watching him play with his fingers, I was leaning on my hand/arm that was on the counter. "How long have you been awake?" I asked not taking my eyes off of his fingers moving. He looked at me and smiled a little. "I've been awake for around 15 minutes" he said. "

I didn't ask him anything else for a few minutes, still watching him play with his fingers. It was funny, our accents were sort of similar, but mine was in a girl tone and his was in a guys tone. The same Irishness in our tones.

"Did you eat anything?" I asked, now looking at his eyes. He stopped playing with his fingers and looked at me. Then he looked back down and started playing with his fingers again. "No I haven't ate anything yet" he mumbled a little and then said it again louder and more clear. I'm guessing he didn't mean to mumble it.

"Want me to make you something?" He looked at me surprised, and confused. But he didn't say anything. "How about we make some breakfast together?" I asked.. still, he didn't reply. He looked at my hair that was still messed up a little, and he guessed I didn't brush my hair or my teeth yet probably and then said "I'll make the breakfast for you and everyone else, you go brush your hair and teeth" he said smiling and getting up.

So I got up from my chair and smiled at him. "Are you sure Niall? I can do that later, let me help you" I begged him. I liked making the boys breakfast because I loved seeing there faces while eating, how happy they get. "No no no, you go" he said shooing me away. 

A/N: Is it bad? I think it is... I was kind of rushing through it.. sorry.
I didn't mean to make it so long.. I didn't notice until later. Well, at least it's detailed! Sort of.

I don't know what else to say, so I'll just write up another chapter to show you I'm sorry! Also, to get Jammie in the story already!
Note: Jammie will be coming in Chapter 12 or 13! (hopefully). 

Stay perfect, awesome and amazing! ♥
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