The Unexpected *One Direction Love Story* -ON HOLD-

Niall and Harry, and the rest of One Direction were my best friends. I met them a little before the X Factor, when I was actually auditioning myself. We all talked and got to know each other. We became friends instantly. I haven't seen them since the X factor, and miss them like crazy! But, there probably busy singing and going on tours and stuff.

-Who will fall in love with who? Who will Rebecca choose and would it ruin there friendship forever? What's going to happen?-

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8. Chapter 6

Louis POV:

We were in the tour bus for about an hour now, Zayn and Liam were taking a nap in there rooms, Niall and Harry just finished doing a twitcam that they wanted to do for awhile, we all popped in awhile back and said stuff, but the others said they were tired and left, and I was just really bored.

Zayn and Liam came in the room I was in and we talked for a little while, we talked about the fans, tour and the other lads, also Rebecca. We just pulled over, and I went to the room where Niall and Harry were, I was going to tell them we were getting out now but I guess they already knew because they were saying bye to the fans.

I waited for them, and then we all got out. When we got out Paul told us to lay low and not put too much attention on ourselves, at least until the signing and everything started. Then he went back into the work station of the tour bus, he spends a lot of time there for some reason. Oh well.

When we were walking around, we didn't really know what to do. Then Liam pointed out Rebecca, and we all looked at her. She was doing something with her camera, it was pointed at the ground and she was looking down at it. The boys and I walked over to her. She looked up after two seconds and she looked confused for a few seconds, and then in shock. We all laughed at her face.

We were all still laughing, and then Niall finally said "Nice to see you too" while laughing. "Hi guys!" she finally said, smiling. "Nice to see you, it's been awhile" I said smiling. We all started getting her suitcases and putting them inside the tour bus. She wanted us to stop, but we wanted to do it.

After putting her things in the tour bus Harry said "We should probably tell you what's going to be going on". She nodded and looked at us, "We were thinking, you could video tape us before the fans get here and everything starts" Liam added and we all agreed with him. "Sure! Whatever you guys like" she said smiling at us.

I hope everything would go well, the boys and I can get a little crazy sometimes, but we were still normal teens, so it makes sense. Hopefully she wouldn't think we were weird or stupid.

Rebecca's POV:

After the boys explained to me, about the fans and tour and everything else they thought I would need to know, they let me video tape them before the fans got here, it was now 10:45 am and we had about 15 minutes before this place would get crowded with fans.

I got out my camera, and the boys started talking about the tour, what the fans would be expecting, behind the scenes, and a few other things.

"Hi!! Welcome to the One Direction Year In The Making Tour!" all the boys shouted and waved at the camera. "We're going to keep you updated on the tour, behind the scenes and some... "special" features" Niall said winking. "So stay tuned!" Liam shouted and all the boys shouted "Thanks for watching!!" at the same time. "Love you" Niall said, "Bye!" Harry ended and I closed the camera. That wasn't bad, the boys knew what they were doing, all I really had to do was hold the camera.

"We're here right now, doing some sound checks and going through a few songs before the fans get here." Zayn said pointing at Louis and Liam who were doing the sound check. I then closed the camera again, and Harry and Niall started talking, they were talking about the tour or something.. then started talking about Harry's younger sister? I don't even know.

Then the boys came to Niall and Harry and listened to what they were saying, "So your sister might have to come?" Niall said confused. "Yeah.. it's going to be such a pain." Harry said sighing. Louis padded his back smiling and Liam said "I'm sure it'll be fine".

Then Harry gave Liam a strange look, "do you remember the last time she came on tour with us?" Niall said talking for Harry. Louis, Zayn and Liam were thinking about it for a second, "Oh yeah..." they all said at around the same time. Harry nodded and Niall rubbed his back, trying to make Harry feel better about it.

I was a little confused.. Then Louis came to me and said "Harry's sister has to come on tour with us". I looked up at him confused, "And Harry doesn't want that?" I asked curiously. "It's not that he doesn't Want that.. it's just that, the last time she came on tour with us.. she got in a huge fight with Liam and I over something, and Harry had to send her back home, because she was ruining things.. the fans didn't like it."

"She got mad at us for no reason.. or at least we didn't know why." Liam said as he stood beside Louis. "She got mad at them for telling her she's annoying" Zayn added. "Really?!" I said in shock. The boys nodded. "I feel bad for Harry.. he was so stressed out last time she was with us.. he couldn't handle it" Louis said looking at Harry, who was talking to Niall still.

So Harry's sister was going to join us, this could be interesting.. But did she really get mad at the boys for calling her annoying? I mean, they probably had a good reason to call her that.

"I never knew Harry had a Younger sister" I said raising my voice a little on younger. "He never talks about her, he likes his older sister better still.. even though she's a bit crazy." Niall said standing beside me now. Harry was still looking stressed. "Why does Harry look so stressed?" I asked the boys. "He's stressed over having her here, she will be a pain to him.. she's always depending on Harry for everything" Niall said looking sad.

I wish I could help Harry.. but asking the boys these questions would help me to help understand how his sister is like. 

"What's her name?" I asked looking back at Harry. "Jammie" Louis answered, so, Jammie Styles.. I never saw her while Harry was auditioning for the x factor or anything so this was all new to me. It's been around 14 months since I saw the boys, when I saw them, I was auditioning for the x factor with them, but never did I hear about Jammie Styles. I did see the boys 4 months ago, but they were making a surprise appearance on the x factor and I wanted to see them again. (Just so you guys know, if there was any confusion earlier).

Who was this Jammie Styles? And why did she get mad at the boys? Well.. I don't know what to say about Jammie. The boys were all worried she would make Harry stressed by doing things, anything she would do. She wasn't that careful when it came to the boys fame, but she never really experienced it.. first timer, like me. That's what the boys told me at least, she tried going on tour with them but she caused so much drama during the first week that she got sent back.

I wanted to meet her more then ever.. I wanted to help Harry not get stressed out, but how could I do it..
I was thinking about Jammie Styles for half the time, and then I had to snap myself out of it and just focus on videotaping the lads.

I got some video's of them goofing around, telling jokes, doing silly things and having fun. I don't know if they wanted it to be in the documentary video, but I had it anyways! 

It was now 10:15 am and no fans were here yet. Maybe they thought it was tomorrow, or they wouldn't come.. it was strange. I went to Harry instead of thinking about that, and asked "Do you like your sister Harry?" he looked at me confused, just getting that into his head. He sighed and said "I like her, she is my sister after all.. But, she caused so much trouble the last time she came on tour with us, that I don't want it to happen again." He was looking at the ground now. "I'm here for you Harry" I said smiling at him and he looked up at me because he was sitting on the stage edge. "Thanks.." he mumbled.

"Could you tell me more about her?" I asked as I sat down beside him. "What do you want to know?" he sighed and asked me. "Anything.. how about her age?" I asked replying almost instantly. I wanted to know everything about her.. but I didn't want to tell Harry that. "She's 15" Harry replied a few seconds later. "How tall is she?" I asked, and he replied "She's pretty short... 5'1" That wasn't that bad, at least I wouldn't feel so short! I'm pretty short myself.. so yeah.


"Does your sister have anger problems or something?" I asked curiously, he looked at me, and smiled a little. "Sort of.. she got mad at Louis and Liam because they called her annoying a year ago, I don't blame them for calling her that.. she's REALLY annoying." I knew that! Haha. "Now, whenever I mention Louis or Liam to her, she always cuts me off and says she doesn't want to hear anything about them." he said frowning a little. "I'm so sorry.." I instantly said to Harry, I felt so bad for him.. Jammie didn't seem nice at all!

Harry shook his head, "No I'm  sorry.. I shouldn't be telling you this." he looked at me smiling. "Oh no, it's alright! I was the one who asked, sorry". I smiled back, I meant what I said, I was the one who asked Harry about his sister, and all he did was answer my questions, that's all. "I'm here for you Harry, I'm going to try and help you through this all" he looked at me, smiled, and then said "Thank you Rebecca.. I have a feeling I'll need your help"

"If anything does happen, I'll stop her and try and see what's going on" I said and gave Harry a thumbs up. "Now go to the boys" I said as I stood up.

He gave me a smile and than went up the stage and to the other guys. They did one more sound check, and went off stage.

After around 3 minutes, Niall came to where I was standing. "Nice job... I don't know what you told him, or asked him.. but you made him smile again." he said smiling at me and patted my back. I looked at Harry, he was laughing again, after being depressed for almost an hour, he deserved to smile and have fun.

A/N: Hey guys! How do you like the chapter? I can do better.. but I couldn't really think of anything else to write, so this is all I came up with so far.

Harry's sister has to come on tour with them now, and from what the boys told Rebecca, Jammie didn't seem like the nicest person. I wonder how much drama she will cause, eh? xD
Will she go back home after a week, like last time? Or did she learn her lesson and will she play nice?
Find out soon! ♥

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