The Unexpected *One Direction Love Story* -ON HOLD-

Niall and Harry, and the rest of One Direction were my best friends. I met them a little before the X Factor, when I was actually auditioning myself. We all talked and got to know each other. We became friends instantly. I haven't seen them since the X factor, and miss them like crazy! But, there probably busy singing and going on tours and stuff.

-Who will fall in love with who? Who will Rebecca choose and would it ruin there friendship forever? What's going to happen?-

PS: This story is on my Quotev account, and maybe my other ones that are on my profile... If you find this story elsewhere, that's not on any of the users on my profile, please tell me!! Thank you!


4. Chapter 3

Rebecca's POV:

I was sitting on my bed listening to One Thing by One Direction, when my phone buzzed. I checked it, and it was Harry. I was surprised seeing he texted me, but when I opened my phone and saw Harry wrote this "Hey Rebecca! The lads and I were wondering if you could film our world tour? It's going to be for a whole 12 months and we're leaving day after tomorrow. Reply back soon! Thanks." when I saw it, I almost screamed!

I ran down stairs and to the living room where my mom and step dad were. "Mom! Could I go on tour with Niall, Harry and the others from One Direction?!" I quickly asked. She looked at me for a second then replied "How long will you be gone?" she asked. I was scared she would ask that, and knew the answer would be no.

"12 months..." I said quietly. "12 months?!" she said and paused for a second. "Well.. what will you be doing." She looked up and asked me. "They said they wanted me to film there world tour, it's not the year in the making thing.. they got that done with, but it's another year around tour" I replied right away. "Well... You do love making video's and filming things.. So.. yes, you can go." She said and my face lit up "Really!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!" I said hugging her. She smiled.

"Wait.. when will you be leaving?" She asked curiously. "Day after tomorrow" I replied and she said "Well then, you still have a bit of time, do you want to pack a few things today?!" she asked. "Sure.. lets go" I replied after a few seconds and she started going up the stairs to my room, and I followed behind.  After my mom talked to me about being safe, and behave and everything. She left me to pack my things. I quickly got my phone and replied to Harry "I'll do it. I'll film the video :)" I replied and he said "Okay, great!  We can't wait to see you!" he replied after a minute. 

An hour later, when I was finally done packing up all my clothes, I mean, I was going to be gone for a whole entire year right? So why not. I got my journal, to document everything that was going to be happening, and kept a pencil and eraser with me. I got some other things too, like my hair brush, shoes and some other things.

It was already 9 pm and I was done packing and everything. I had just had dinner and told my mom I was going to go to bed. I was tired from packing and everything and just wanted to sleep. I had also told my mom I had to go to there concert, which wasn't too far from here, around an hour away. I closed my lamp and got into bed. Slowly drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up with the sound of my alarm. I shut it off and looked at the time, 7:30 pm.  Tomorrow was going to be fun, I kept thinking to myself as I got out of bed. I was walking down stairs when I smelt some yummy pancakes. I sat down on the bar stools and my mom put a plate of pancakes in front of me. "Thanks mom!" I said smiling and started eating.

My mom smiled at me, "Did you pack some things?" she asked looking back at me. I nodded my head "There up in my room" I said after swallowing. My mom started going up the stairs to see what I had packed, in case I forgot anything. She came back a few minutes later and came back in the kitchen.

"You didn't have to get EVERYTHING packed today, your not leaving yet." she said while turning around. I laughed a little, because it was true. I wasn't leaving until day after tomorrow and I had already gotten everything packed. I guess my mom just expected me to pack a few things today, and not everything. I was just really excited to see the boys again!

It was 9 am and I got a text from Liam. "The concert/signing starts at 11:30 pm, so we'll meet you there day after tomorrow. You can just come up to us or wait somewhere." it said. I replied saying "Alright Liam, I'll see you then!" and quickly went downstairs to tell my mom. She looked at the time and told my step dad, he said he could drop me off there, he was perfectly fine with dropping me off, he had nothing better to do.

Zayn's POV:

It was already 9 am and we just got back to the hotel after going out for breakfast. We were all exhausted, while we were coming back, we got spotted by some fans and soon enough fans were chasing after us.

We ran as fast as we could and hid in some alleyway. When the coast was clear we made a run for it and came back to the hotel. 
 We all sat down on the couch and just sat there. 

No one was talking, Niall and Harry were on there phones while Liam, Louis and I were watching some movie. Niall and Harry then got up and said they were going to the pool for a bit, they asked if we wanted to join them, Louis said okay while Liam and I stayed. I mean, we went to the pool yesterday and we didn't really want to go again today, the rest of the boys can do whatever they want.

We didn't really talk after the guys left. Liam was on his phone, "Are you nervous about the tour?"  he asked looking up at me. "Not really... it won't be that bad." I said, we had done a few concerts already and have more then enough experience. Liam nodded his head and looked back at his phone.

For the rest of the time, we were just on our phones, we were reading some of the comments the fans wrote about us. There was one fan that said "I Love you One Direction, stay perfect forever!" Liam and I both smiled when we saw that. There were tons of comments like that. The fans were so dedicated.. it's amazing.

After about an hour of reading comments, Liam and I decided to go out walking around, or something.. anything. It was really boring staying in the hotel room all day and we just wanted to go do something, like the others.

Louis POV:

Niall, Harry and I got into the pool and did some laps. We didn't want to be sitting at the hotel room watching some random movies all day. So swimming would be more fun.

Harry, Niall and I were talking, splashing water at each other and just goofing around. It's been awhile since we got to do that sort of thing. The band and everything took up a lot of time, and this was the only spare time we had. At least for a few days.

After we got out of the pool, we went back up to the hotel rooms. Liam and Zayn were gone, they were probably gone out somewhere doing something. It didn't really matter to us though. After we got back, Niall and Harry were goofing around, talking, laughing and just being silly with each other. I decided to go take a shower, to get the chlorine smell out.

When I got out of the shower, I put my clothes on, dried my hair and got out of the washroom. When I got out, I saw Niall and Harry sleeping on the couch. Niall was on Harry's shoulder and Harry's head was on Niall's a little. It looked so adorable. They were sort of curved in a way, they were facing each other.. It was like Harry and Niall were turned to each other, but sleeping. Niall's hand was holding Harry's and they both looked  exhausted, they did do a lot of swimming and deserved to get some rest.

I sat down on the couch and started doing things on my phone, I didn't want to turn on the TV because I didn't want to wake Harry or Niall and also there was never anything good on TV.

After an hour, Liam and Zayn just got back, and went to there rooms. They didn't really care that Niall and Harry were sleeping. Liam just waved and walked to his room. Zayn was on his phone when they got back, and went straight to his room he gave me a small wave before going in.

Soon after, I decided to go to my room. Harry would probably come sooner or later, since we share a room. I went in and just flopped onto the bed. I wanted to go to sleep, but I wasn't really tired, so I started using my phone while lying down.

I must have drifted off a bit, because I heard a noise, like a door opening. I stayed quiet after coming to my senses and finally opened my eyes and looked up. It was Harry, he was sitting on the bed looking at me. When I looked up at him, I smiled and he smiled back. "Hey Harry" I said while sitting up. "Oh sorry! Did I wake you?!" Harry asked looking worried.

"It's fine Harry, don't worry." I said while looking at him, I smiled when I saw him looking down with a sorry look on his face. I leaned over and gave him a hug. If anyone, Harry was the BEST at giving hugs. Whenever any of us were  sad, upset, angry or frustrated, we would always go to Harry and give him a big hug and we would always feel better after that. We just wish we could do the same to him, whenever Harry's upset, he just stays at the back of the crowd looking at the ground.. and he barely talks.

After a few seconds, I realized that Harry had also just woken up, seeing as he rubbed his eyes still looking as tired as ever. "Did you sleep well?" I asked him and he smiled and nodded. "Yeah, Niall and I were really knocked out!" he said laughing. I laughed too and gave him another hug, this one was just a friendly one. (Not a Larry Stylinson hug!). We were still really tired, it was only 7 pm though. Niall and Harry had been sleeping for around 2 hours or 3 hours, I slept for around 30 minutes and then went to shower for an hour, so the time went by pretty quickly.

I looked at Harry, and Harry looked at me. We didn't really know what to do, Harry told me Niall went to take a shower and would either probably go out somewhere or go to sleep again. So then, Harry and I both realized that Harry still smelt like  chlorine, Harry hadn't even showered yet! Haha. Well, after that, Harry went in the shower and Niall had just got out, surprisingly the water hadn't even gotten close to being cold.

When Harry went into the washroom, I just stayed in the room, I was almost going to fall asleep for the third time, but then I woke myself up. I didn't want to sleep yet, I wanted to stay awake. Around 10 minutes later I decide to go to see what Niall was doing, I didn't want Harry to come out and see me sleeping. When I got out, Niall actually started walking into the room too, which was pretty funny. "Hey lad" he said smiling at me and giving me a little wave. "Hey Niall, did you sleep well?" I asked and he chuckled a little, "Yes I did, and it must have looked funny seeing Harry and I sleeping like that" Niall said laughing a little and pointing at a picture I sent him, I figured I would take a picture of those two sleeping, they looked so adorable that I just had to!! "You both just looked so adorable sleeping together.. I couldn't help but take the picture" I said laughing.

Harry hadn't seen the picture yet, even though I sent it to him already, he probably hadn't checked it yet. He would probably see it after showering or something.. I couldn't wait to see his reaction to that picture!


A/N: Sorry guys, if anyone did bother reading my story a little while ago, you would have noticed chapter 4 was a little different. I was planning on adding Louis younger sister to the story, but then decided not to. It would ruin the flow of things, you know? Well.. maybe later on I'll add someone's sister to it. Maybe Harry's or something. But for now, it's just Rebecca and the boys! 

Oh, and I'm really sorry for the other chapters... hopefully you haven't fallen asleep yet. I'm trying to get the story moving along, but you know when you have this idea in your head, on how you want things in the story to go, but then as your writing it, you think about other things that can happen and add even more to it. Well.. that's happening to me. 

Thanks for being amazing! ♥

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