Who cares?

Everyone in Breannas school is hopesly in love with one direction bit now breanna! She hates them! What happends when her best friend makes her go to a One Direction consert? Why happends when she meets a member?


3. What's worng with you?!

I was stopped my Harry. "LOUIS?!" Harry yelled at me "Whats worng with u mate?" "Nothing!" I said. I walked away to Paul "Hey Paul can u go get a girl for me?" I asked "sure thing!" He said i smiled at him. "Ok she's about 17 18 brown eyes and hair. She is wareing a 1D dress with a denim jacket." I said and he walked off to find her

Breannas P.O.V

When the show was over I rushed Mia so we could go. But then a man stoped me. "Come with me." I looked over Mia who was shocked! "That's Paul! He's the boys bodyguard!" Mia said jumping up and down. "Um…can my friend come with me?" I asked "as long as she does faint,scream or try to kidnap the boys." He said we walked back stage and there they where. They where playing with nerf guns. "HI!!" I herd an Irish accsent. I waved and Mia just stood there. "h-h-hi" Mia studered I rolled my eyes "jezzz directioner's!" I thought what's your name love the curly haired one asked me. "I'm Breanna and this is my friend Mia!" I said. "So your the girl louis has been looking for!" A guy with a buzz cut said. "Who's Louis?" I asked they all pointed to a boy with blue eyes with brown hair who was blushing. I laughed a little bit. "Are you a fan?" A guy with blonde hair asked Mia "I-uh…z-Zayn" Mia said a boy who's hair was styled in a quiff smilled. "Don't be shy have a seat!" Zayn said 

******************************two hours later******************************************


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