Who cares?

Everyone in Breannas school is hopesly in love with one direction bit now breanna! She hates them! What happends when her best friend makes her go to a One Direction consert? Why happends when she meets a member?


4. A/N

Ok so I read over this book and it makes like zero scence at all! 😭 Anyway the last chapter I kept wirteing it hours between! And I had like fifty ideas running though my head! So I'm trying not to make so many mistakes! You guys will not belive what happens in the next chapter! But gess what? I START SCHOOL ON MONDAY! So I'm not going to be updating anytime soon! Ya but hey 18 views! I know that's not allot but hey…it's something…right? Anyway please like and comment!!! I'm begging you! 😫 Not realy but you know…ya bye! <3-Breanna  

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