Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


9. the last day

                     I opened my eyes to the calming sight of Michael and a sweet scent filled my nose chocolate chip waffles. "good morning" he greets with a smile 

           "good morning" i greet back but mine with more sadness.

            "come on don't be sad, we have three hours till i have to go and i have a pass for you so i can be with you during the concert and say good bye before we leave" he pleaded

            "i am sad" i reply

            "well so am i im just good at hiding it, the shower is running and there is cloths in there"he informed me 

          semi more happy i leaved over giving him a peck on the lips, i got out out of bed with a waffle in hand  and darted off to the bathroom. he had picked out my black frayed high wasted shorts and my t shirt with the girl blowing a piece of bubble gum  on the front. 


          when i returned from my shower Michael was laying in the bed with popcorn and cheese cake "we only watched one of the hangovers" for the next few hours we watched the hangover and just laid with  each other. talking being happy not knowing what would happen next.


after Micheal left i didn't go see Jackie because she was off to see Bruno Mars. i went for a walk with my mom who desperately wanted to "meet" him forgetting she already had. she cant come in with me though. after our walk i went to the arena and walked right in some men escorted me backstage i desperately searched for a  face i knew when i herd my name being called. "Julia?" i herd a happy voice question. i knew that voice any where it was my ideal my obsession of all obsessions. he was perfect he lips curled into a happy smile that lit up the room the tattoos on his arms seamed to be more bold, 3D, then they did in pictures his light brown hair was in a quiff  but a few hairs fell out of place reassuring he was human his biceps were highlighted with the tank top he wore and his eyes a milk chocolate like they always were. as i looked at him now i thought back to the days of the x-factor how his face lit up and his light eyes were overflowing with hope love and passion, it was before the world had touched him like he was indestructible  i looked closely at him the hope love and passion had been replaced by hurt hate and life, now it looked as if he had nose dived into a pit of screaming photographers and hateful words on the internet and it killed me inside you can not see the hurt in a picture it is impossible, this is one of the boys i had fallen in love with in the past three years who i had watched grow and be destroyed right in front of me .it was  Liam Payne who stood there calling my name walking to me with arms open "i have herd you name and and seen your picture a hundred times in the past two days" i looked up and smiled at him 

            "hi" i say as if i was unfreezing time he took another step and hugged me tight then released me he smelled like everything good in life.

            "i fell like i already know you to well, Michael asked me and the boys to hang out with you when they are on and we promised to give you back when they were done" he said with  a grin "this way the other boys are down here are you a fan"

            "um......ya" i say shyly

            "you dont have to lie" he said 

           "NO NO NO NO i am a huge fan and it is taking a lot for me to keep my cool right now so im trying to stick to short answer so i don't make a full of myself like i am right now" i corrected a little out of breath and blushing 

             "haha okay love,here we are" he opened the door and not to my surprise Louis and Niall were playing on the x box and yelling at each other about what cheating was needless to say Louis was winning that argument , Harry was playing pool with josh and Zayn was sleeping on the couch. "boys this is Julia Micheal's ahhhh??????............."

                "friend, im his friend" i say awkwardly stretching a hand out to Louis who had made his way over to us he grabbed it pulling me into a warm hug.

               "are you a fan love?" Louis asked 

               "yes i am" i say smoothly this time 

               "really he questioned with narrowed eyes, top three songs"

               "little things, summer love, and moments"

               "well welcome"he said

               "its lovely to meet a fan we don't get to do that much anymore" interrupted harry welcoming me with a hug and Zayn sat up on the couch rubbing his eyes 

                "hello" Niall said in his Irish accent "herd lots about you"i smiled awkwardly he smiled back giving me one of those famous horan hugs.

                "hello, lovely to meet you" zayn said in his quite Bradford accent giving me a side hug then running off somewhere.  

                  "alright 5sos is going on soon do you want to go watch?" liam asked

                  "yes" i said excitedly 

                  "right this way" we walked back out the door fallowed by Louis Niall and Harry. Liam lead us to the side of the stage.

                    "there they are" Harry said

                     i smiled at the thought of seeing him and smiled even more when i did. guitar in hand he speed up his pace a little getting to me quickly sweeping me up in a hug  kissing me sweetly before he let me go with a smile."i want to try something" he said putting his in ear in and heading out on  stage. the smile on his face was priceless, now that i know them i know that this is the happiest he will ever be playing for his fans hearing his name being screamed out girls hopping for nothing but a simple glance from him to make there life complete. he loved everything about his life and that was such a beautiful thing i want to do what he is doing seeing the world with his best friends.

       they played there set list and i sang to every word of every song at the top of my lungs. they told the audience good night and that they were amazing and ran off stage. Michael ran at me handing his guitar off to a crew worker. he was sweaty and breathing hard when he got to me he lifted me up and i clung to his back letting him kiss me hard the kiss was rough and long i dug my fingers in his hair. we were both smiling in to the kiss and  i could feel his sweaty arms on my thighs gripping me tight so i wouldn't fall. i felt safe and loved like he would never let me go but he did and i was standing shakily on my own 2 feet one arm still around my waist to stabilize me "it worked, i feel like a rock star"

       "well it was lovely meeting you Julia" Liam said giving me a look that said ya just friends "we have to go and get ready hope to see u soon" he smiled lightly giving me a warm hug fallowed by the other boys including zayn and parry who had come to watch half way through the set. i said my goodbyes and they headed off down a long hallway.

         "this way" Micheal instructed leading me to a small back door that lead to a garage buses were lined up neatly baggage was being loaded in to all of them. we walked to one of buses Michael pulled the door open and stood in the door way "welcome to guss bus" he said  grabbing my hand. all i wanted to do was find a quite place where i could spend our last hour together. in the very back of the bus he sat down on the couch pulling me on top of him kissing me hard and then he pulled away. "god im going to miss u so much" he bit his lip and pressed his forehead to mine. i leaned foreword connecting our lips again. i let a few tears slip from my eyes  as we kissed the wet tears ran into our connecting lips.

        "ill miss you too"i say still sitting on top of him. he pulled me into a hug neseling his face into my neck 

       "Michael, you in here?" he broke the kiss on my neck reluctantly before speaking

       "ya were in here" he yelled i tried moving off of him but he held me on top of him and the door was pushed aside reveling Ashtion 

       "were leaving soon mate" he said with sorry eyes 

       "okay thanks" and with that  Ashtion was gone and i was pulled back into a kiss and i let another tear escape my eye. i don't know if i will ever see him again and if i do will it be face to face or at a concert if at a concert will he notice me will he remember me or was i just something fun for him to do. is this real will he keep in touch or will he forget i know i will never forget the way i felt when he is with me how happy he makes me. 

       "alright lets go" a security guard came in after about 15 min 

      i got up and was fallowed by Michael we exited the bus and passed his band mates they all stood and hugged me good bye. we walked off the bus and he hugged me tight i took a deep breath trying hard not to cry "it will be okay i promise" he told me with confidence whipping a tear i didn't even know had fallen with his thumb. he kissed me one last time it was long not rough but not gentle it was smooth and i never wanted it to end after he broke apart from me it felt like his lips were still there like the pressure was still on my skin. he hugged me tight but i hugged him like i was hanging over a cliff and he was my only hope. he released me reluctantly kissing me on the cheek he pulled away running his fingers down my arm to my hand until the last bit of skin on our fingertips were parted and i would cherish that touch that little touch i would never forget that touch never for he rest of my life. 






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