Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


21. summer

We had been back in Ohio for 1 week. We had passed all of our exams and it was now summer. There were bon fires on every corner and teens laughing and getting in trouble. Today I told Abby I would meet her at our old friend Shane's house who I may have dated for a little bit a while back. I pulled into his packed driveway and was greeted by who else.... Shane. He opened my car door and pulled me into a big warm hug that was nothing compared to the love Michael's arms held. "Jules it's been so long. I'm happy your here." I returned his friendly hello with an "I missed you too" and a friendly smile. I pulled back and jumped out of my tall jeep. He helped me down then put a hand on the small of my back to lead me into the house to get me a drink. He knew my weakness my back he knew I loved it when a guy touched my back, he knew it made my toes curl under and made me bight my lip. I slowly moved away to give a hug to a friend I had not seen since being home and his hand dropped.

"Found the drinks" I said looking up at him and splitting away. "Thanks" he fallowed after me

"You know Jules I missed u like really missed u" he said not getting to close

"Well good thing we broke up I would have never been with Michael and you never would have been with Lexi. It all turned out grate" I say smiling

"I never pegged u to be into the musicale type I always thought of u as the girl that was into football or basketball or baseball. U always like a guy that was into sports." He said as if stating a fact

"You haven't meet them yet they are very nice and they care about the girl they r with and if they feel something for someone else they don't cheat they work through it."I say "plus it's really sexy when they r up on stage and thousands of girls are screaming for my man and he comes off stage and kisses me like nothing I've ever felt" I looked him right in the eye there were a group of girls listening to the conversation now.

"You have never felt anything close?" He asked

"Never" I missed Michael and the pain in my chest and lips and head was starting to grow.

"That's a Shame" his face was turning red all Shane ever wanted was to get in my pants so I hit him right where it would hurt.

"The sex is unimaginable. There are no words to describe what he can do to me." He crushed his drink and his care free attitude at the same time. He flung around and slammed to the door that led to what I remember is room.

"So your the girl dating Michael Clifford?" One girl asked I recognized her from my English class

" ya that's me"

"OMG have you just been living a fantasy the past few months?"

"It's amazing he is amazing"

"I can imagine did u see what he can do to a guitar"

"Oh he can do more then that" I say thinking about the many nights I have spent alone with Michael.

"JULIA" I hired Abby yell and make her way to me. " sorry girls I'm takin her" after we were bak outside she asked "have u seen Shane? Cuz I just got word he's not over you."

"Oh ya ive seen him"

"And??" So I told her what happened and we decided we would just head home and that's what I did for three weeks I stayed home and watched Netflix waiting counting crying. Then It finally happened the day was so close i could almost taste him.

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