Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


8. shhhhh

            After Michael left I got a quick shower and through in a pair of shorts and a loose fitting black tank top with the lyrics to WMYB on it. I slid on some flip flops and walked out the door and down the hall to Jackie’s room. She opened the door with a huge smile giving me a warm welcoming hug pulling me into her room.

“So how was it, magical, amazing, beautiful”she squeaked

            “it was……..absolutely perfect” I say falling onto her king sized bed trying to remember the events of last night.

            “I bet” she seas plopping down next to me with a sigh. “but we have a concert to go to Missy and time to kill so get up and lets go hit the slots”

            “haha you are only  16 and im only 17 how do u plan to do that”


           “I didn’t think that far ahead but there are candy store everywhere here and u know I love sugar” she jumped up holding her hand out to me “lets go get sugar”

I took her hand letting her pull me up to my feet.  And walked out the door to go get our sugar on.


A few hours later we were back in my hotel room surrounded by candy wrappers, half eaten candy apples, ice-cream Sunday containers, and movies of all sorts. Jackie and I were sitting in front  of the large TV screen hanging on the wall of my room doing our makeup and hair for the concert whale toy story was playing in front of us.

We left my room and made our way to the event center of the hotel. As we approached it there were hundreds of screaming excited girls waiting to be let in to see there favorite boys. I smiled knowing we were those girls too.

We got to our seats and I smiled at how amazingly grate they were. On the right side of the stage front row. Jackie and I screamed and cried and danced and sang. We had the time  of our life I even got a smile from Michael.

         After the concert Jackie went back to her room and I went back to mine. I don’t know why I thought this wasn't going to work, this wouldn't be any thing it couldn't be anything he is going to be half way around the world for god knows how long. i pulled out my key card and waved to Jackie down the hall as she did the same thing. My focus went back to my door and I pushed it open letting myself in I let the door close with a bang behind me. My cloths were striped off and I lay down on my clean bed the made must have come how nice. I smiled and breathed in the clean air around me. My  thoughts consumed with him. I closed my eyes and was almost completely asleep when I herd a knock on my door. A frantic voice cutting throught the air. “Julia r u still up u need to let me in. Mayday MAYday MAYDAY OPEN THE DOOR JULIA”

           I quickly opened my eyes and ran to the door seeing a scared Michael who pushed past me as soon as I opened the door. he closed it quickly behind him pushing me agents the wall and bringing one hand up to his mouth and pushing his lips out to give me the shhhh sign oh how i wanted to kiss thoughts lips. a few seconds later i heard a voice "i know he want this way i herd him and saw this door close it was this one" an excited fan said 

         "okay if your so sure you knock"  another girl said i pulled out my out my phone and taped him a quick message  


me-they just want to meet u there cant be that many 

him-.......... i don't know i don't normally do it without the other guys and r u sure u would be okay with it 

me- why shouldn't i be there your fans im your fan like them 

         he gave me a warm simle and leaned down placing a sweet kiss on my lips 'thank you' he mouthed. he took my hand and led me into the bathroom "wait here ill be right back"

        a moment later i heard a door opening and a girl yelping in excitement. "oh my god i told you i told you" 

         "hi girls you found me" i heard Michael say enthused

         "can i hug you"

          "of course" i could only image how happy he was opening his arms to let the most important  people in his life embrace him. 

         "is this you room"one of the girls asked "are the other boys here too" 

         "no this is friends room its just me i came to visit her shes the one who convinced me to come say hi to you guys i don't get to see her much and i didn't want to lose allot of time but she insisted." 

          "well tell her thank you for giving you up for a few minuets"

          "i will shell appreciate it but i better get back it was lovely to meet u girls thank you for everything" i imagine he gave them all one last hug and a picture before he turned and tried to open the door he didn't have a key. he knocked furiously. 

          "password please" i say teasingly behind the closed door not realizing there were still girls standing there and i shouldn't be flirty and cute around them.

          "open the door please"

          "well someone needs to cheer up" i say swinging the door open ready to jump and kiss him and then i saw the girls i shied back into my room letting Michael in.

          "thank you he said trying not to laugh at me"

           "shut up" i say taking a step closer to him garbing his head and pulling it down to kiss me with passion he lifted me up and i warped my legs around his waist my back was pushed up against a wall  and he was kissing me deeply. i reached down and pulled the hem of his sweeter over my head. "you know i meant to tell u how hot you are in that" he said as i through it to the floor "but your hotter without it" he said and continued to kiss me. i wiggled my hips to try and get his sweets to fall to the ground they did. he pulled me closer and deepened the kiss stepping out of the clothes at his ankle moving us to the bed laying me down removing his shirt and my underwear. 

         "OH MY GOD" i screamed

         "im not even touching you yet" he smirked

          "i know hurry up" i panted and crawled on top of me with one hand between our bodies as he started to play with me i trusted my hips forward wanting to feel him in anyway that i could. 

           " are we a little impatient?"

            "YES" i scream panted 

            "okay" he said kissing everywhere he could down my body. he reached over and garbed the condom that was laying on the bedside table he then took me by surprise when he handed it to me.

           "what do you want me to do with it?" i question still painting. he just grind and through it on to my stomach he moved forward laying on top of me kissing me he flipped us over so i was on top of him the condom between us. i lifted myself up a little and retrieved the foil package that would bring me so much pleasure. i broke our kiss and ripped it open with my teeth then sliding it on over his hard erection. In one swift movement he flipped us over so i was on the bottom ageing and he was dug inside of me i gasped in pain as it still hurt it was only the second time i had done this. his lips slammed into mine to make me forget the pain. he rocked in and out of me several times me moaning in pleasure and pain but mostly pleasure. he looked at me as i reached my high right before he reached his, he collapsed on top of me breathing heavy he pulled out of me.






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