Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


19. safety


      We were in Michaels room again he put his nickel back cd in. and I came to the realization  this is One of the last times I will ever be in here. I pulled my hair out of its braid and let it fall around my face and shoulders  “Michael. Will you unzip this please?”  I saw him turn from his mirror with his tie half off and walk over to me. I pulled my hair over my shoulder and he unzipped my gorges dress letting It fall to the floor his hands ran over my body and I thought about that night in as Vegas when he pulled his sweeter over me feeling the creases of my body for the first time.  I let my hair go and he kissed my neck. 
     “Thanks” I stutter out 
     “anytime” he told me “my parents loved you. But I knew they would” he said still standing behind me I kicked my heals off and shrunk a few inches I turned to face Michael and pulled his tie off then unbuttoned his shirt sliding it off his shoulders.
     I kissed him now I felt his tong enter my mouth and I felt his hands run down the sides of my back all the way down to my thighs.  my feet left the ground as I was carried over to his bed and put down gently on his warm sheets . His hands moved from under my thighs and back up my body. I felt his hands unhooked my bra and slid off my under where. I reached down and unbuckled his belt then his pants and slid them off with his boxers. I grabbed his length in my hand running it up and down I slid down his body taking it in my mouth “Jules you don’t have to do this” he said breathing in heavy every inch I swallowed down  I couldn’t take the whole thing but got most of it in his hands were tangled  in my long hair I slid up and down his length before I moved away quickly so he could come outside of my mouth moved back up his body and I kissed him roughly. I got startled him I felt every inch of his length inside me. I have never felt better then when he is inside me it completes. me It filled me up taking my breath away I moved up and down on top of him he flipped me over and finished us both pushing in and out of me. We hit our climax and he rolled off of me. The song “how you remind me” was playing  

     He started singing “this is how, this is how, this is how you remind me of what I really am” the warm Australian air ran through the open windows of the apartment. Michaels voice rang through my ears the actual thing his voice I would have to miss it for a few weeks. He  rested his head on my stomach and kissed it “your leaving tomorrow” he stated. 
“yes, im leaving in exactly 28 hours” I looked down  at him smoothing out his died hair as he hid his face in my chest. 
     “cant you just stay until we go on tour back in America?” he pleaded 
     “You told my parents 3 mounts ” I excused moving my hand to his back rubbing it in circles 
     “ I can tell them  4 months” he kept  pleading 
     “I have to go home, the girls and I need to be home for exams. Plus as much as I love being here with you I miss my parents and my dog.” 
     “okay I guess your right” he moved next to me and I laid down on his chest 
     “i wish I wasn’t, its only for a month” I told him sadly there was a short moment of silence 
     “you know I love you right?” he asked even though he knew the answer 
     “yes, I know that, I love you too” I told him 
     “just checking I like to do that every once in a while” I fell asleep in his arms  feeling sad because i knew my safety net would be gone again soon. 


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