Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


4. mid night swim

i jumped off my bed and slid my feet into my shoes.i  walked into the bathroom letting my long hair fall around my face. i have green eyes with a bit of blue around the edge and some specks of blue in the green. i still had on my out fit from dinner (jack Daniels shirt and pink shorts)  i opened the door to my room garbing my phone and room key on the way out, i made my way to the elevator then to the lobby. as i walked through the massive casino i saw a few girls who were obviously looking for even the slightest hint of where the famous band was hiding. i got to the entrance of the pool no one in sight it was 1:00am after all. i ducked under the gate and walked to the edge of the pool i looked around getting a painful feeling in my chest. as if i had known it but refused to be leave it i was fearing this was a joke, i slid my shoes off and sat at the edge of the water dangling my feet in i heard a cough from behind me i quickly turned. and there he was Micheal Clifford standing there in all of his glory leaned up agents  the wall with his arms cross smiling at me. 

 "hi" he said still smiling 


"hello" i replied with a bit of shock in my voice 


"u didn't look very hard for me" he said a bit disappointed as he made his way over to sit next to me  


"you hid well" this made the corner of his mouth stretch into a wide smile like mine


"what are you" he asked 


"am i aloud to be offended by that question?"


" not what i meet" he said a bit frantically " i mean i just meet you i meet fans every day but i have never meet one i just wanted to hang out with  i want to know you so what r you"


"my name is julia i'm 17 i have a family that loves me very much and friends that mean the world to me. oh i have 2 dogs"i said as he laughs along with me. 


"do you want to go swimming?" Micheal asked 


"i don't have a swim suit on "i say 


"theirs a store right there" he said motioning to the surf shop


" i think its closed" i say playfully 


"i think you would be right, just go in you under where its just like a bikini right? plus its dark i wont see anything" he said promisingly. i don't know why but i felt like he was telling the truth. "come on " he said getting up holding a hand out to help pull me up i accepted the gesture as we made our way to the back of the lazy river where it was covered with palm trees so no one from the hotel surrounding the pool could see us.


i puled my shirt over my head and slid my shorts of and down to my feet as i steeped out of them i had on my blue under where and matching bra with a pink bow (actual have this so cute here is where i got it and what it looks like). . i crossed my arm over my body grabbing it with the other in an attempt to hide my body even though he couldn't see  me i turned around to see his figure pulling his sweeter off and steeping out of his jeans. i ran and jumped in letting my body get use to the temperature. soon after a herd another splash 


"where r u" he asked looking around. i quietly dove under the water and garbed  his lags making him jump 


"holy shit you scared me " he almost yelled 


"im sorry" i say apologetically  


"haha its okay i would have done the same thing" i giggled 


for the next hour we sat and talked about everything what i wanted to be what it was like for him to be touring the world and how it was a pain in the ass sometimes. he told me how very much every single one of his band mates met to him and why he loved them all so much. 


"r u cold " he asked sympathetically and a little bit sorry 


"ya a little" i say  i know its Vegas but it gets colder at night and it was windy (even if that not true just go with it )


"lets go then" we climb out of the river and i was shivering even more now he looked at me with sympathy from what i could tell he ran to the back of the towel return and brought out two freshly washed towels. he handed me one as i quickly dried my shivering body and shock my hair out into the towel. i was still cold from the fabric that was still covering my body and know if i got dressed it would make my cloths wet as well i wrapped a towel around me trying to figure out how i was going to get to my room without being seen. i garbed my cloths and turned to the shirtless boy in front of me. 


"here" he said walking up behind me unwrapping my towel. i could feel his breath on my neck  as he ordered me to lift my hands above my head and he slid his warm sweatshirt over my head and i could feel him touch every curve of my body as he pulled it over my could body stopping at my upper thigh it was as if it wasn't the sweeter warming me it was his touch his breath he smell of him surrounding me. his hands still on my outer thigh moved up word over the fabric grasping my waist my breathing started to get heavier and my heart started to race . i felt the breath on my neck get closer and closer as he placed a lite loving kiss right under my ear . i held back my moan with grate restraint i was not a slut Michael Clifford or not.  


"lets get somewhere warm what do ya say?" he asked 


"sounds good" i replied  he walked pass me grabbing my hand pulling me to a tan service door he swung it open and it was a kitchen i walked in his hand still holding mine the kitchen was dark and empty with pots and pans hanging from there hokes he pulled me through another door that lead to a a long cement like tunnel we were under the hotel now he lead me to the huge auditorium he and the boys of one direction would be preforming in very soon  

"what part r u staying in" he asked in his charming Australian accent


"The Hotel" i replayed (there r two parts to Mandalay bay, The Hotel and Mandalay bay  same resort different towers.) 


"oh" he said disappointed "i'm in the other one" i frond " this way" he said motioning his head to another set of doors theses ones led to a carpeted hall way he used both hands to make sure the door didn't close loudly and then joined me at my side again scoping my hand up as he keep walking. when we finely made it to the lobby we hurried to the elevator and i pushed 10. he was looking at me i could feel his eyes scanning my body this was the first time he had gotten a good look at me i wasn't counting at the pool earlier that day because he got rushed off so quickly. he was biting his  lip and i could feel my face going a lite shade of red as the elevator dinged and we got off i grabbed his hand puling him with me in the direction of my room when we finely got there i opened my door and started to go in pulling him with me he stopped me i couldn't pull him he was stronger then me and he wouldn't come  thorough the door. instead he pulled me into his chest making me drop the clothing,phone,and room key i was clutching  to my chest he looked into my eyes and moved a peace of loose hair from my face and put it behind my ear. with a smirk he moved his hands down to my hips pulling me closer to him kissing me slowly but with so much want. " i have to go" he interrupted the kiss


"okay" i said sadness taking over my body as he started to let go of me i felt my body go numb i saw him walk slowly down the hall before i walked into my room waiting for the door to latch but it was swung open i turned around and got kissed passionately roughly on the lips 


" im leaving know" he said still holding me 


"okay" was all i  said before taking  his face in my hands and kissing him again


"goodbye i will see u tomorrow i need you phone number" he said his breath a little heavy from running and kissing. 


"okay" i say again and we both smile at the okay we swapped numbers and he eventually left  unwillingly .


**********************************************************************************************************so that was a long chapter i hope u liked it ill try to get a new one up but i still don't know if anyone is reading this so let me know :) i will add characters eventually idk when if i do 


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