Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


6. kisses 16+

(this chapter will get  dirty at the end i'm putting a warning down there too u don't have to read it if u don't want to) 16+   

after about 5 hours at the pool Jackie and i went back to my room we spent a good hour deciding what i was going to where. i took a shower and put on my out fit shorts and a white tank top. at almost exactly 6 i heard a knock on my door i gave a look of panic to Jackie who sat with her mouth wide i couldn't decide if she was shocked that he came or that he was on time. i quickly stood her up pushing her in the bathroom instructing her to not come out till after we had gone. 

"hello" i say opening the door slowly reveling a smiling blond boy who was leaning agents the door frame. 


"hi." i say with a smile making its way onto my face as he lend in and gave me a small peck on the lips. he grabbed my hand and we left my room and made our way to the lobby getting in a cab 


"New York New York please" Micheal instructed 


"yes sir" and we were off i don't understand y we didn't just walk i man it wasn't that far but whatever who am i to argue. we pulled up to the amazing hotel and he payed for the cab. we exited the cab to a pair of extremely large doors that opened to a statue of liberty made out of candy. Micheal's  face lit u with joy. 


"haha" i laughed at how excited he was. 


"u think this is funny but i really want that" i giggled again making him look at me "stop that" he said 


"stop what??" 


"being so cute i cant be wanting to kiss you the entire night we wont get anywhere but a hotel room" at this point i just lost it and was laughing so much. that's when he turned me to face him and he kissed me sparks flew i could feel every bone in my body wanting him to take me kiss me more and more but he stopped "come on now lets go" we made our  way in and out of the shops most of them were souvenir shops and some had funny hats and glasses that we would try on and laugh. we reached a stare case that led to a giant game room and the roller coaster we walked around until we found pinball I stood in front of it as he slid 2 quarters into the game he stood behind me playing pushing me against the front of the game while i watched he had his head resting on my shoulder as he focused on the game in front of him when he was done i took my turn him digging his face in my neck when i got the higher score. 


"haha winner" i say cheerfully as he kissed my neck and i turned so i was facing him and he leaned me agents the machine kissing me 


"oh my god" i say full of excitement as i see a photo both in the corner "can we go" i ask kind of shyly


"of course we can" he said pulling me to the covered both he slid back the cloth and sat down and i sat on his lap. we both smiled wide and debated what to do next when he started tickling me i laughed and tickled him to just as the camera flashed he then gave me a kiss on the cheek as i smiled and for the last one he kissed me right on the lips we both had huge smiles on our faces in mid kiss just as the final light flashed we collected our pictures and he took me up to the roller coaster we got our tickets and waited in line he got noticed a few times  when we were waiting i got a few dirty looks not gonna lie. we got on the ride and it was amazing such a fun time. it was dark  now and we were laughing at all of the drunk people walking around already. it was only 9. then i sported one of those drunk people and it was in deed my father. mental face palm i know. we had left new York new York and were now walking over to m&m world. 


"i got an m&m shirt from every where i went to in America that had an M&M world"       

" haha wow u must have a lot of shirts" i say still trying to avoid eye contact or any contact with my dad 


"yes and a lot of m&ms" 


"i can only imagine"


"well i don't have that many any more because Calum-"


"Julia Jay what are u doing out here walking by yourself" my dad slurred out 


"i'm with a friend where is mom?" he pointed behind him where she fallowed far behind with a mile long cup swinging it around dancing to the music. 


"what friend" my dad asked almost falling over because my mom had caught up to him and ran into his back making him stagger forward i garbed Micheal's shirt pulling him back a few . steps saving him from my mothers sloshing drink. he gave me a panicked look as if to ask if he need to say anything. i just shook my head as i felt my face getting bright red.


"him?" my father questioned i shook my head yes. "okay" he said moving pass me then my mom stopped in front of us almost hitting me this time with her drink. 


" i love u sweet heart" she said kissing me on both cheeks and giving me a tight hug 


"love u too mom see u tomorrow" 


"be safe" she yelled walking after my dad giving me her attempt at a wink 


"oh wow i'm so sorry about them they really are okay people most of the time" i said ashamed when i looked over a Micheal his face was red and he was holding in a laugh. then he lost it and so did i we just smiled and laughed for a good 5 min. we finely calmed down and went to the m&m store got Micheal a shirt and me some m&ms we realized how late it was and that we were both starving we got a cab and went back to our hotel admiring the lights as we went we reached my elevator i was walking slowly because i didn't want him to go. 


"are you okay" he questioned when we got in the elevator 


"ya i'm fine i just don't want u to go" i say quietly


"okay, i wont ill stay and we will get room service and watch a movie or something"  i smiled just as the door opened to the elevator and there stood Jackie 


"y hello gorges. having fun?" she asked smiling 


"yes i am" i reply happily she smiled and moved passed us and we took her place in the hallway we quickly moved down my hall and we got to my door i opened the door and pulled him in with me. Micheal shutting the door behind us.i ran over to my freshly made bed and plopped down on it Micheal walked over awkwardly and sat down next to me 


"what do u want to eat" he asked 


"ummmmm cheese cake and chicken fingers" i smiled as he picked up the phone and ordered what he wanted and what i wanted. we curled up on the bed watching the hangover until the food came we eat and watched. then the time came when he had to go that was at 1am of course. he untangled himself from me and texted  the boys that he was still with me but should be back soon he stood up and he pulled me to my knees on the bed so i was at eye level with him then he kissed me like all of the other times he had. 

(sexual content do not read if u cant take the heat) 




I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed harder this was the most wanted kiss we had ever shared. i needed him i needed everything he could give me, i needed his hands all over me his breath in my ear his voice. he broke the kiss and looked at me with dark eyes full of lust he was breathing hard i started to pull up his rolling stones shirt.


"are you sure?"he asked with care hoping i wouldn't reject him


"I've  never done this" i admit ashamed "but i want to" i say my face still close to his


"you will be fine, i promise i wont let anything bad happen to u" he assured me "we don't have to i can leave right now" it took me a while to respond and he started to back away"


"No" i say his hand is the only thing i'm touching now pulling him back to me we r back the way we were before close "i want to so bad" i say tears starting to run down my face.


"okay we will everything will be fine it might hurt at first but it will get better" i nodded my head on his chest letting him know i understood 

 he lifted his shirt over his head and then took mine off before we reconnected like we had been apart for years. i reached down and unbuttoned his black skinny jeans sliding them too the floor he steeped out of them and i unbuttoned my shorts laying back down on the bed wiggling them off my body. before i knew it he was on top of me  kissing me sweetly his necklaces were dangling between us and some of them were touching my chest i could feel the cold metal touching my warm skin. Micheal's hand went under my back undoing my bra and polling it off not once braking our kiss. he pulled my underwear down and i kicked them off with my feet. i could feel his erection on my thigh when he slid his boxers off. then he stopped and looked at me with carrying worried eyes.he reached over me and garbed a condom from the bedside table he scanned my body and i bit my lip and closed my eyes tight not wanting him to be disappointed. "hey your beautiful " he said reading my mind. before he garbed my hand and slowly slid inside me kissing me trying to distract me from the pain it didn't work it hurt "i'm sorry" he muttered in my ear over and over again my fingers digging into his back but i kept kissing him letting him now that i was fine. after a while it got better and the overwhelming pleasure masked the rest of what could be pane he kissed down my neck and i moaned making him pick up speed as he reconnected our lips and he pulled in and out of me over and over again. we came at the same time and he collapsed on me both of us breathing heavy and he was still kissing my neck and holding me tight. he slowly puled out of me and i breathed in heavy because of the sharp pain. he laid on his back pulling me onto his chest and bringing the blanket up to cover our bodies . he reached under the blanket pulling off the condom and throwing it away then reaching over grabbing his phone texting  Calum that he wouldn't be back tonight. and we drifted of to sleep together 


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