Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


10. Home

     *****i think this might be the last chapter of it all. if u think i should continue ill start a squeal or just continue on here let me know what u think thanks   :)*******

     The last few days in Los veges were hard i couldn't stop thinking about him waving at me from the back of  the bus on his way to LA. I have gotten a few text from him but no phone call or skype. i know he will call when he is on his flight back to London or when he is free. at least I hope. my last few days my mom dad and i went to the stratosphere and i hung out with Jackie we went on several shopping sprees and even made plans to go see Maroon 5 back in Ohio. we switched hotels because my parents are there so much they always stay at the golden nugget and get deals. i sat outside on my last day in Las Veges a beautiful day by the pool and all i could think about was the tingling that still rested on my finger tips. after our day of relaxing i caught a cab with Jackie and went back to Mandalay Bay to get her things, her parents and say goodbye. but before they left we went down to the pool no one was there but Jackie and I we went to the spot where we ran into each other and became friends, we hugged we would miss each other deeply then we walked over by the bathroom where Michael ran into me and spilled my red drink all over my stupid white bathing suite. i pulled out my phone out and looked at the picture we had taken there .we walked back to the front where her parents were waiting. i hugged her parents and then Jackie i was on the verge of tires and she could tell. 

     " Are you okay?" Jackie questioned

     "no. i miss him and i already miss u " i wispier to her as we untangled our self from each other 

     "it will get better" she assured me holding my hands "it will be hard but it will. you will see him again one day. maybe it will be because he needed to see you because he couldn't stop thinking of you and he will drop whatever he is doing and catch a flight to come see you. maybe it will be because they get really big and famous and he forgot u but you got tickets to go see them front row maybe he will notice you but maybe not and u may never know what its like for him to hold u again or maybe u will but sometimes that's the way it goes." i gave her a confused look "my point being u will see him again and it might be good and happy or it might be sad and hard. be prepared for the worst" she said sympathetically i hugged her again 

     "thank you, goodbye" and with the slam of the cab door she was waving goodbye to me from the back of a cab. i got in a cab myself heading back to my hotel i was not leaving until 1am.

     we left the hotel at 11 and we passed Mandalay Bay on our way there it took a lot not to burst into teats.we got on our plain there was a little boy sat next to me was singing best song ever i just smiled and laughed at myself the little boy gave me a look but he had no idea. the plain took off and i saw the city that made everything come true. it made my dreams a reality. i looked at the bright lights as we flew away just a few days ago this was all a dream that never was expected to happen. just a few days ago i stood at home talking to Abby and she told me to make my dreams come true as if they really would. but they did and with that i put head phones back in turned on summer love and let tears roll down my face in a silent scream of happiness and hurt.  

            ***********************DO NOT IGNORE ************************

I am going to write this from here on in two different ways i will keep you updated on this in the one i am continuing in this novel.


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