Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


14. Hide out

          "well, this is it" Micheal said opening the door to the 5sos flat. "I assume you will stay here Jules and i got you girls hotel room right across the street. we will head over there in a minute let me just put your stuff down and show you girls around Micheal left us running off around a coroner.

         "IS THAT JULIA !?!?!?" I heard Ashtion yell

         "IT HAS TO BE I CAN SMELL THE COCONUT"i heard Calum yell back in response i looked over at Mariha who was staring in shook still getting over the fact that she just meet Michele and now was about to meet the rest of them all at once. 'you will be fine' i mouthed her

         "GUYS ITS HER SHES HERE"Luke yelled running down the hall sliding into me  wrapping me in a huge hug. i heard two pares of feet running into the hall and then two pairs of arms being wrapped around me and Luke. "Julia thank god your here you are all he talks about."

         "Oh man Jules, i love you and all but you get really annoying after a while im not gonna lie. i mean this is the cleanest the flat has been in,well scenes we moved in." Ashtion informed me while i was still being smothered finally letting me go. "come on in" he instructed

          Ashton greeted all of my friends then got to Marhia "hello" she maneged to squeck out 

          "you must be the fan" he guessed and she nodded he hugged her and she loved every minute of it "let me take your bags" Ashton  offered Mariah unwrapping his arms from her 

          "thank you" she acepted he took her bags and left them by the door.

          "its beautiful guys" i tell them 

          "thank you"the three said in unison. right when Micheal walked in making his way straight to me standing behind me wrapping his arms around me kissing my head. 

          "it used to be Louis and Harry's when they were just starting out in the band. Harry likes it he said its a nice place to hide so he kept it and let us move in" Micheal explained to all of us as we looked out the giant window from the living room about a hundred of stories off the ground. we all continued conversations and my friends got introduced to the other boys.

         "i want you to meet someone"Luke told me "ill go see if shes up yet." 

         "well how could she not be the way you 4 yell all across this apartment" i told him earning me a smirk from Micheal

          "shes a heavy sleeper"he said walking away then returning a short while latter with a beautiful girl she was about my height with brown hair it went a little past her shoulder and was curled perfectly  her makeup looked almost perforation. her eyes were brown and she was wearing a  turquoise skirt and a black tank top. "this is my beautiful  Anngelina." he said walking up to Micheal and i with his arm around her.

          "hi, nice to meet you" i say hugging her. 

          "you too, but you hardly need an introduction your all the boy talks about."i looked up at Micheal who had an arm around me he was bright red.

           "why don't we go get your friends settled" Micheal said desperately trying to stop this conversation.

         "that sounds good" i say . we got the rest of the girls and went across the street to a beautiful hotel they were in large room and all had there own room you could even supposedly see Micheal room from one of the windows 

        "remember to shut the blinds" Micheal said in my ear as we explored the hotel room "do you want to go get something to eat " he asked me i just nodded. i hugged my friends and told them i would see them tomorrow. we headed out to the street and then back to his flat."we will just go to a pub down the street nothing to nice" he told me and i  went to change i put on a pladd fleas shirt and a pair of shorts with flip flops. 

       i walked into he living room and found Micheal laying on the couch " are you ready " i say pulling him away from his phone.

          "ya" he looked up and smiled " you look grate" 

          "shut up"i say jokingly "lets go"

           he began to move finding his wallet keys and phone then ushering me out the door. we walked out of the flat and right past his car. we walked along the water for about 10 min before we got to a small bar right on the water. he opened the door for me and i walked in feeling a bit uncomfortable i soon felt his hand on my wast and felt slightly more calm. "Mikey, good to see you again is this your girl friend" a man from behind the bar yelled 

            "yes this is my gorges girl" he said smiling stretching his had out  giving him some sort of weird hand shake. 

          "you hold on to that one there Mikey" he said. did he just call me his girl friend i think i blushed a little 

           "i plan to" he said moving me on and placing his hand back where it belonged on my waist where it fit perfectly. we sat down in one of the booths he led me to a side and he slid in next to me. 

           "i didn't know i was your girl friend" i say shyly.

           "what? oh oh my god. im sorry i just kind of figured i...i didn't think it just kinda came out-"            "Micheal its okay" i cut him off then kissed him. i  broke the kiss so whats good here?"

           "everything"he said still staring at me. then giving me a kiss on the check 




HI :] im going to start a spin off of the book. starting from the chapter "home/ch.10" it just going to be a different ending i will continue writing this one in the book but go check out the other part it might be good.


PS:Midnight memory's talk about amazing ughhhhhh

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