Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


13. Australia

          It was the day before we were scheduled to leave Bailey, Abby and Mariha were visiting family saying goodbye then coming to my house we would be leaving for the airport at 10 our fight leaves at 12 i know early. My parents hugged us all and sent us on our way. We got through security and on our plain to LA. When we landed in La we caught our flight to Australia.

i looked over at Mariha who sat next to me 

          "are you okay" she shook her head no she had never flown before this trip and was about to fly over the ocean.

          "just think about what is waiting on the other side." she smiled at me knowing what i meant.

          "ya we'll be fine" i knew she would be okay if she just thought about who she was going to meet. 


          We landed in Australia and we hurried off the plain to get our bags so we could go through customs. I linked my arm through Abby and Mariha, Bailey with abby. customs was a long glass wall with a pattern in it so you cant see through it with doors that led to a small white room if they need to talk farther with you then the opening that lead to the exit where people were waiting family friends,...... Micheal. Mariha went first and got through okay she just showed them her passport and they asked her a few questions. Abby went next then Bailey they both got through fine then it was my turn. i got my passport out and moved forward to the table 

         "hello" i say to the women in an officers uniform handing her my passport with a smile.

          "hello young lady. are you visiting us for any specific reason?" she asked opening my little brown book looking at the picture then at me.

         "yes,im here visiting my friend" 

          "your friends name?" she asked picking up the stamp that sat next to her pressing it onto the paper.

          "Micheal Clifford" i tell her, my smile widening and my mind running a hundred miles a just a few short moments i would be in his arms his sent would over flow my nose and take over my mind, and i will have that touch again his arms his hair his sent his smile his breath his kiss. his everything. 

         "okay i hope you have fun" she gave me a wink and handed me my passport as if she knew i was seconds away from being the happiest i had ever been in my entire life.i slipped my papers in to my purse

        i walked quickly through the glass door scanning for my now pink haired boy i had an aching feeling in my chest  like he wasn't there just like i did that night by the pool. i kept scanning and saw my friends who were giving me a weird look i ignored them and kept searching. Then i saw it, a boy running for me with bright pink hair i flashed back to 5 months ago in Las Vegas when he came running off stage to me picking me up and kissing me hard with his sweaty arms wrapped under me so i wouldn't fall and my fingers running through his damp bleach blond hair. I picked up my passe then got faster and faster as we got closer and closer when he was a few feet away i dropped my suit case and my purse by now i was in a full on run through the air port. then i was pulled into a deep kiss i wrapped my arms around his neck pulling myself as close as i could to him. i was holding him so tight like i was hanging over the edge and he was the only one holding me his sent filled my nose and took over my mind i ran my fingers through that hair and felt his arm around me god how i missed that.i felt safe again like everything was okay i felt his lips again, ever seance that last night it was like an unsatisfying pleasure, like i could still feel his lips there but the pressure was never enough and it left me starving for more and more everyday wanting so badly for that pressure to be there again. i could feel his arms wrapped around me it was so real everything i had wanted so bad for the past 5 months was finally here. he finally broke our kiss. and breathed in deep.

         "you smell so good" he told me i laughed in disbelief 

         "iv'e been on a plain for 15 hours" i say our lips still centimeters apart  he leaned down and gave me a peck on the lips.

         "no you smell like you and that smell is amazing."he smiled  "look at you. my god" his voice rang through my ears he was there it was not over the phone or through Skype he was there hugging me kissing me. he hugged me pulling my head on to his chest and holding it there i had my arms wrapped around him hanging on tight. "lets get your things okay " 

         "okay" he kept an arm around me and we walked over to my mess of things he picked up my suit case and handed me my purse 

         "where are there friends of yours at?"

        "over here" i say excited for them to meet him. i led him to the bench where they stood.

         "Julia u did not just do that"  i herd Abby say 

         "do what?" 

         "you just jumped this poor guy in the middle of the air port" i smiled 

         "i don't mind" he butted in "hi, im Micheal" he stuck out hand for her to shake  

          "abby" she  responded taking his hand.

          "im.... im a i.......i....i im"

           "this is Mariha" i helped her out 

           "lovely to meet you" Micheal opened his arms pulling her into a hug.

          " too" she shuddered wrapped in his arms 

           he unwrapped his arms from around her. she let go reluctantly.

           "im Bailey" she said holding her hand and he excepted

           "nice to meet you" he told her smiling taking her hand then wrapping his arm around my shoulders pulling me close kissing me in my head "what do you say we get out of here" 

           "sounds good" Abby said 

          "this way" Michael said bobbing his head to a glass door with his arm still around me. we walked out the door and were greeted by a taxi driver.

          "hello, ill take your bags" he said grabbing mine from  Micheal and helping the other girls with there's. we all piled into the the yellow van Micheal told him where to go and we were off to the 5sos home.

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