Las Vegas and 5sos 16+

Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+)
so starting from the chapter"home" i am going to start writing 2 different novels . because it can go in several different directions ;) and i want to try out my other options thanks


11. Abby.

     Our plain landed back in Ohio and i texted Jackie just like i said i would. Abby would be here to pick me up in my car and my grandparents were picking my parents up so that i could go to Abbys end of summer party that she had every year. my heart still ached in pain as we made our way through the air port  and i saw where abby and i stood just 5 short days ago telling me to make my dreams come true i took in a deep breath controlling my tears. i was excited about tonight i would be able to tell my close directioner friend about all that happened and i think it will make me feel better and i could tell abby if she was willing to listen. i spotted my best friend from across  the baggage clam belt and ran to her dropping everything in my arms hugging her all of my sadness was gone because i was with my friend and my friends meet the world to me. "oh my god i have missing you so much" she told me hugging me tight 

     "oh Abbs you have no idea what i have been through" i said in a bit of reveled 

     i could tell she was smiling" i cant wait to here it all. now go say hello to your grandparents and lets get out of here" i ran over to my grandparents and my parents saying hello and goodbye rather quickly i also got into my suit case getting my make up and a sweeter out then handing my bag off to my father. i ran over to Abby who was dangling the keys to my orange jeep wrangler in the air oh how i missed my car. we made our way out to the car just carrying on normal conversation about her dumb ass of a boy friend. when i got in the car and turned the key she had my one direction cd in " i thought u might appreciate that" i smiled at her 

     "i do but we can listen  to what you want to" i tell her 

     "okay" she said plugging in her i pod playing never shout never and other arrest of that sort.

     when we final arrived at Abby i could see the flashing lights from behind her house down by the bon fire. i quickly shut my car off looking over at Abby who reached behind her getting a  bag of cloths "thank you" i tell her jumping out of the car and running into her room. I opened the bag seeing what she had picked out it was a pair of ripped shorts and a striped blue and white t-shirt i put both on then went to work or my face taking my hair out of its bun letting it dangle around my face i quickly took off my old makeup and added some new. i headed out the door to join my friends as the sun set. 

      "JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I herd Mariha call and she jumped on my back "how dose it feel to be dating Micheal Clifford?" 

      "im not dating him"i told her when she climed down off of me 

      " your not? everyone knows you don't have to lie" she assured me

       "im not" i smiled at her i liked talking about him.

      "oh my god can we call him? please."

        "no haha" i told her she gave me a sad face" maybe later" i gave her a little hope.

     "oh and heads up Robby's here" I took a deep breath 

      "grate"i told her she nodded her head in agreement handing me a drink and we went for a walk i told her everything.

      "he is so sweat and caring it was amazing-"i was interupted by my ringtone "hey gorges it me Micheal im calling you because i want to hear you beautiful voice im going to sing now"and then he was singing "and i can feel you watching me even when your no where to be seen and i can feel you touch even when your far aw-"i cut it off with an eger hello.


     "Micheal?"i say in the same way he laughed god why did i miss that so much i smiled.

     "hey babe"i let a tear run down my check he didn't forget yet 

      "hey, what are you and the guys doing?" i questioned 

      "there all playing video games" he told me 

      "and your not. why would that be"

      "cuz i wanted to here your voice"he gave a little laugh in his accent. we talked for a good 30 min before Mariha got inpatient and wanted to talk to him i put him on mute

     "do not fan girl" i told her she nodded

      "hey one of my best friends wants to say hello if that's okay" 

     "of cores is it Mariha or Abby?" he asked Marihas face was priceless the fact that he had just said her name was the best thing to ever happen to her. 

    "Mariha" she blurted out "im Mariha. oh my god this is not happening" she shrieked 

      "wow that lasted long" i say under my breath and that got me a middle finger.    

     "can i meet you"i lunged for the phone but then stooped when i wanted to here the answer. 

      "of coarse when i meet up with Julia i will make sure u are there." i smiled nowing i would see him again

       "okay! thank you so much" they talked for a little bit longer then i got my phone back Mariha ran back to the house 

      "i miss you so much Jules" he told me "you know that right and if i could be with u i would be"

      "ya i know"i told him choking back tears 

      "Julia dont cry im not there to comfort  you don't be upset please not now you have made it this far" he begged 

      "well iv'e been upset the second i woke up that last day you knew that" 

      "yes i do know" but it wont be long

     "how do you know that?" i questioned 

    "i just do" i could tell over the phone he was holding back a tear. 

     when my conversation with Micheal was over i ran down to the fire to join the chattering excited group i took a seat next to Bailey who pulled me into a hug now and asked  "how was las Vegas?" she is a twin to Blayk they are both beautiful tall skinny long blond hair very sweat girls. 

     "how else? Amazing" i tell her she laughed and bumped into my shoulder playfully. we were  swaying back and forth to the music that our good friend Ryan was playing and singing to it was hey Jude by the Beatles.

     "i will be right back" i told Bailey. i got up to go up to the house to get Micheal's sweeter off the bed because it was getting a bit chilly. i got into Abbys room  there was a knock on the door and then they invited theme self in it was Robby. i rolled my eyes and slipped Micheal's the sweeter over my head like i had done a hundred times before letting the smell of him enter my nose and his thought consume me.

     "hi rob" i say not amused  

     "did you miss me?" he questioned 

     "no not in the slightest sense of the word" i tell him and i turned around heading to the door but he grabbed my arm. i shiver at the fact that the last boy to touch me was Micheal i missed his touch soft and sweet, his voice in my ear a smooth Australian accent that i missed so dearly Robby's was a rough dumb accent from somewhere around Cleveland he was just guy i made out with a little at the start of the summer he not attractive like Bailey and Blayk but he is there  cousin he was there i was there and we were board. i know that sounds bad but it was harmless how was i going to know he would fall for me so hard. i didn't  know he would be here and if i had i would not have come i feel bad braking his heart but there is no need to drop the f bomb every other second i hate that its so frustrating why do u need to cuss all the time.he is also terribly rude and cant handle what he dishes out. i know it was a mistake i get that and im paying for now. 

     "your not fucking leaving yet"he told me he was allot taller them me Micheal height. Robby was a mess wet hair dangled in front of his face sweet it was gross he was chubby and talked as if he were out of breath and was chewing on a piece of beef jurckey or something  god mental face palm what the hell was i thinking. 

     "Robby, let go of me. now" i tell him looking him in the eyes 

     "why would i fucking do that?"

     "because i know what your going to do and trust me things will not end well for you." his face didn't change "i don't love u i don't even like u.  you need to stop chasing something that will never happen." i told him. 

      "its about the fucking punk ass boy u meet in fucking Vegas a'nt it i will beet his fucking ass see if he can take a real fucking man" i raised my eye  brows at him mentally laughing because he couldn't even get past there security and even if he did he wouldn't be able to lift a finger to hurt him by the time he got there. 

      "his name is Michael first of all second he is more of a man then u will ever be. he actually got in my pants unlike you." i tell him hoping he would be to distrait at what i had said and loosen his grip. that back fired. 

      "take it back" he told me.

      "what are you? 5 or something my god Robby im telling you the truth i don't love you and yes i love him and yes i lost my virginity to him because i love him not you" 

     "so your just a slut and if you don't love me ill make you." he through me down on the bed putting his knee between my legs and pushing me hard down onto it i kicked my foot up hard hitting him in the small bulge that was erecting there. he quickly rolled off of me i jumped up  and i swung the door open with my luck my friend Zack was standing there he was gay and liked one direction but 10 times bigger then Robby

     "help me" i said to him just before Robby  got to the door. Zack drooped his drink and punched Robby right in the face then grabed me pulling me behind him and we went to the bathroom and locked the door i pulled out my phone and called 911 telling them what was going on.  when the cops came a tall man opened the door to Zack hugging me. i missed Michael so much i needed him to do this hug me kiss me love me. we were not even in a confirmed relationship yet i don't even know if he loves me maybe this was how Robby felt about me but i loved Micheal and i hope he loves me. the police officer took me to his car asking me a few questions like if Robby who they had in the back of a police car was the right boy and if Zack was protecting me or if he just hit him things like that. i told them i was fine to drive and i would just stay here tonight anyway. the police drove away with Robby. 

      " well welcome home Abby said from beside me i just laughed a little and hugged Michael s sweeter close to me.

       " yep home sweat home" abby swung an arm around me leading me down to the fire they were all singing here comes the sun  by the Beatles all i could think about was how much the 5sos boys would appreciate this sitting around the fire singing songs with friends with the guitar how Micheal would have me wrapped up in his arms singing in my ear. and that was the end of summer.and a pretty shitty way to end it if u ask me.


**************************so i decided not to end it because im having fun Writing this and  i have some things planed.********************************* if you want to be a part of the story leave me a comment age what you look like name things you enjoy doing and what you want your relation with the boys to be exs........ i can even work the one direction boys in there to let me know. :)



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