Before paradice

Lyric was never popular at her school.She was called horrid names,teased everyday.She had no family.She had lived in a run down so called "foster home".Her parents were killed in a fire when she was two.The owner of the "foster" center told her often how much she hated her.Will she live past theese horrible days and find paradise?


2. people.whoop dee doo

Nataria put on a dress and sprayed a toxic amount of ferbreeze in the cigar flavored house.We were all coughing like we had phenomena."Shut it, you aaaa....." Nataria was cut off by five guys in thier early twenties walking in."Hello!",said one with a really dark tan and Brown eyes.They introduced themselves and sat down on the "good couch".Nataria always kept that monstrosity that matched her plus sized dress in storage that her drug dealer boyfriend owned.The boys introduced themselves and talked to each of us alone.Meredith and I were the last to go."Hi , I'm Lyric ,I am 13 and I like to sing, act and ice skate.And this is Meredith,she's two and she calls me Wee Wee.her favorite color is baby pink and she loves cookies,oatmeal ,preferably.So,I will just go back to my room with the rest of the idiots while you decide on your purchase.

I walk to my room to find Kyle playing the bassoon and Luke trying to slap the reed out of his mouth.All of the other kids are shoving thier heads into paper towel pillows trying to drain out the constant moose-killing shrieks coming from the instrument."Luke!-stop it!" I yell.he sits on his bed and looks at me like I am going to murder him. "Thanks,Wee Wee" he said .I gave him a glare about to tell him to shut his pie hole when the five boys came in and told me and Meredith to pack our stuff.I looked at them for a while .They looked familiar.Then I remember right before lunch, a girl slammed me into a locker that said ONE DIRECTION and a picture of the same boys.

"Why did you adopt us?" I asked the five strangers I was in the large hummer with.We wanted to have kids, but I never found  the right woman to have kids with said the loud and crazy one, I think I recall his name being Louis."So,do I call you dad #1 now or what?"Louis chuckled ,I am you and Merediths dad.And theese are your uncle's Harry,Niall ,Liam and Zayn.Niall and Liam have kids.Niall has a boy and Liam has a girl around my age.The boys talk about London Payne and Jay Horran.Apparently they live with us.After talking for a while and being interrupted with a couple loud ,two year old screams about corn dogs, we arrived at a large ,white mansion.Louis opened the door to the hummer and I swiftly picked up Meredith and my stuff and headed for the door to the large mansion.I was greeted by a boy about my age,who I'm guessing was Jay and a girl ,also my age ,named London."Hi! I'm Jay! Let me help you with that ! " he looked down at my large target shopping bag marked Ly in blue king sized sharpie.He smiled and dragged the bag up the stairs and through a hallway until he reached a door with a diamond handle.He turned the handle and walked in, waiting for me to follow."This is your room "he said cheerfully.London Is right across the hall and I am two doors down."see ya later" I said as he closed the door.I looked at Meredith who was staring at the target bag.A girl with blonde hair ,blue eyes and freckles walked in."Hey," she spoke with an american accent,probably because she went on tour with the boys often I assumed."I'm London, but I'm sure you know that already."she chirped at me.She could of been the queen of sunshine.She had perfectly straight teeth that blinded me when she smiled."Hi," I smiled at her."I'm Lyric and thats Meredith,but you can call her Mere."I spoke."CO DOG!!!!!"Mere yelled and I looked at the toddler and said "Okay,lets go get a corn dog."London followed me to the expensive kitchen as I found the frozen corn dogs and popped one into the microwave.

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