Before paradice

Lyric was never popular at her school.She was called horrid names,teased everyday.She had no family.She had lived in a run down so called "foster home".Her parents were killed in a fire when she was two.The owner of the "foster" center told her often how much she hated her.Will she live past theese horrible days and find paradise?


7. ouch

I woke up in the hospital.My head hurt really badly.Like someone was pounding on my head with a pick axe.Louis was sleeping next to my hospital bed.I tapped him on the head to wake him up."Louis?Wake up." I spoke in a dehydrated tone.He jerked out of his slumber and quickly hugged me."I'm so glad you are okay."he spoke quietly."Hey Louis,can you get me some water?"I told him.He nodded in response and came back with the biggest cup of water I've ever seen.I drank it all.Damn,I was thirsty.


We arrived at the mansion I now call home and I got tackled by Jay and London.Dang, they must of missed me.For the next couple of days, I stayed in bed and people pretty much did whatever I wanted them to do.I got Jay to put on one of London's dresses.HAHAHAHAHAHA!He looked ridiculous!


A/N: This was kind of a filler chapter.Ideas?? 


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