Before paradice

Lyric was never popular at her school.She was called horrid names,teased everyday.She had no family.She had lived in a run down so called "foster home".Her parents were killed in a fire when she was two.The owner of the "foster" center told her often how much she hated her.Will she live past theese horrible days and find paradise?


5. Lyric the chapoerone -yippie.

Well, now I have to go on dates with my non-related cousins so they don't get caught.Jay asked London out today, and were going to the movies to go watch the movies.Jay somehow got the movie theatre to play the notebook for London.It's only her favorite movie of all time.Great! Now I have to watch 2 and a half hours of love oatmeal.It's sweet and mushy.


Because I am covering for Jay and London,I get half of thier allowance.Which is 7,000 dollars.I am pretty good at cover stories and such,and I always keep an umbrella to shield off paparazzi which now stalk me because I have been announced as Louis Tomlinson's daughter.


London pulled me into her room while she got ready.She is jumping out of her pants.Literally.She's put on three pairs of then already and taken them off because "they weren't good enough"She's such a girlie girl.


It took four hours, but she's done.We got into the hummer and told the driver to go to the movie theatre.Don't worry about Mere.We told the cleaning lady to watch her and I paid her a hefty hundred to keep her pie hole shut.She nodded and said "Si!".

As we slid out of the hummer, I popped open the rather large slapped print umbrella and walked through the doors.

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