Five boys kidnap a girl named lynsy and wat happens when she falls in love with one of them!!!
Plz comment and tell me wat u think if u like it then i can make a sequel


2. Watching

Niall's pov:

I closed the door and sat in the chair beside the bed. She was beautiful the way her beautiful blonde hair flows and blue eyes sparkle. She was turned the other way and she started sayin stuff in her sleep she said Niall...Niall...Niall i walked over too her to see if i could hear more but she turned toward me i layed down beside her and put my arm over her i layed their playin with her hair i must've fell asleep cuz when i woke up she wasn't beside me anymore i looked everywhere in the room for her then she came out of the bathroom she looked amazing i said there you are she just looked at me i could tell she was afraid. I walked over to her and hugged her she put her head on my chest Anaheim hugged me back i guess she was getting more used to me we hugged for A minute and then i heard Harry yell breakfast is ready i said ill be there in a minute and she let go if me i started to walk out and she walked the opposite way of me i said are you gunna eat she smiled and said yea i opened the door for her and she walked out i followed behind her Louis smiled and said here love i saved a seat for you she smiled and walked over to him and sat in the chair beside him and i sat beside her and harry and we ate after that Harry said  that we had to go to the store and one of us had to stay with her once again me and Louis volunteered to watch her and he said why dont you both just watch her we both said okay and they headed out the door Louis said do yall wanna watch a scary movie i said sure and so did lynsy i went to go get pillows and blankets and Louis put the movie in when i got back lynsy helped me set the stuff up and i sat on one side of her and Louis sat on the other side of her. Louis put in the movie "it" its a clown movie and lynsys terrified of clowns halfway through the movie lynsys head was buried in my chest asleep i looked at Louis he seemed a bit jealous of me i dont know why I mean he has "the smolder look" maybe he likes lynsy too. All of a sudden Louis screamed and lynsy jumped as if she saw a ghost Louis said come here lynsy ill protect you i said no i will protect you and Louis scooted her towards him and i scooted her back towards me Louis yelled "SHE'S MINE" and i just rolled my eyes and he grabbed her arm and pulled towards him and i grabbed her other arm and pulled her towards me and this went for what seemed like forever and the door opened and the boys came in with a ton of bags and we were still fighting over her they immediately put the groceries on the table and Harry got me away and Liam got Louis away and zayn got lynsy out of the middle of it  

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