Five boys kidnap a girl named lynsy and wat happens when she falls in love with one of them!!!
Plz comment and tell me wat u think if u like it then i can make a sequel


1. Kidnapped

Lynsy's pov:


i just did!

 I woke up in a different house it wasn't my house i was soo weak cuz i basically got jumped at the mall there were like five guys they looked about my age i stood up and when i was about to ale my first step i fell i could hear footsteps comin so i tried to get up but i couldn't i was sore all over i was too weak the door opened and i saw five guys they looked familiar omg it was one direction Harry said haha having a little trouble walkin thismorning. I sent him a death glare he just backed up Niall came and picked me up and layed me down on the bed. Im goin to go get some ice he said and he left the room i was very shy around people especially around boys so i decided not to talk to anyone. A few minutes later Niall came back with a bunch of ice he said where does it hurt i just pointed to the spots it hurt the most. I looked at them all for a minute zayn was lookin like he saw a ghost Louis was just starin at me as if he were in a trance Niall was smilin at me Harry looked like he was scared of me or somethin and Liam was on his phone i actually had the nerve to say you can go now and Liam looked up at me and said someone has to stay here with you so you don't escape i rolled my eyes and all of a sudden i heard Niall and Louis both yell i will stay with her then zayn said Niall can watch her first and then you can watch her tomorrow Louis. Louis said fine and stormed out of the room and the others walked out to except Niall he closed the door and sat in the chair beside the bed.

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