Five boys kidnap a girl named lynsy and wat happens when she falls in love with one of them!!!
Plz comment and tell me wat u think if u like it then i can make a sequel


3. Feelings

Nialls pov:

Louis put in the movie "it" its a clown movie and lynsys terrified of clowns halfway through the movie lynsys head was buried in my chest asleep i looked at Louis he seemed a bit jealous of me i dont know why I mean he has "the smolder look" maybe he likes lynsy too. All of a sudden Louis screamed and lynsy jumped as if she saw a ghost Louis said come here lynsy ill protect you i said no i will protect you and Louis scooted her towards him and i scooted her back towards me Louis yelled "SHE'S MINE" and i just rolled my eyes and he grabbed her arm and pulled towards him and i grabbed her other arm and pulled her towards me and this went for what seemed like forever and the door opened and the boys came in with a ton of bags and we were still fighting over her they immediately put the groceries on the table and Harry got me away and Liam got Louis away and zayn got lynsy out of the middle of it and took her upstairs 

Lynsy's pov:

Zayn took me upstairs and three me on the bed and said to quit makin the boys fight i said but i..... He cut me off by slamming the door im pretty sure he locked it. He always did so i was stuck up here in my room hating myself for everything. I slowly drifted off to sleep all i could think about was tryin to escape and that's what my dream is about escaping i woke up the next morning i was about to stretch my arms but i couldn't move my hands i looked up and they were handcuffed to the bed i struggled but it just got tighter the door opened and zayn Harry and Liam walked in Harry was holding a tray of food WHY THE FUCK AM I HANDCUFFED TO THE BED i yelled. Zayn said watch your language ANSWER ME i yelled Liam said learn to not talk in your sleep. I said what do you mean. Harry said you were talkin bout escapin and i overheard you when i came to check on you by the way you kiss wonderful i said oh that and also WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN I KISS WONDERFUL I DIDNT KISS YOU CURLY i yelled he said i know you were sleepin and soo you kno i made out with you YOU DID WHAT i yelled and tried to jump at him forgetting i was handcuffed they all laughed at me and zayn said did you forget you were handcuffed and here eat we brought you breakfast and i copied his voice and said did you forget i cant use my hands you dumb bag of shit Harry and Liam laughed and zayn unhancuffed one of my hands and put it on his wrist and flushed the key down the drain WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU CRAZY i yelled he said there anything else you want to add to that he snapped i said yea i kneed him in the crotch he slapped me really hard and said you piece of shit! I got really scared. And then he ran downstairs forgetting i was handcuffed to him and went to his room and slammed the door right on my face i blacked out. All i could see was darkness i was scared to say or do anything now so i was gunna give them the silent treatment and just stare at them 


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