Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


14. What a Day

We walked to the campus like if nothing happened until Professor Crutchfeild came out and saw us "Shit" Noah whispered under his breathe, we stood frozen to the ground while he walked up to us "What are you guys doing out here?" he asked "Well.......we wanted to get some fresh air and talk.....that's alright isn't it?" Taylor said, Professor Crutchfeild hesitated a little bit but then straightened his back so he wasn't slouching and responded in his deep voice "I can't answer that, but Professor Lafont could.....lets go walk to her office shall we?" I looked at Taylor, Noah, and Mason who just stood there like idiots "Ok" I answered for them. Professor Crutchfeild led us to Professor Lafont's office, he opened the door and told us to wait, "This your first time?" Mason asked me "For what?" I questioned "Getting in trouble, I mean......whatever we do is always your first" Taylor explained "No, its not" they nodded and looked at Professor Crutchfeild walk out of the office "You may come in now" he said, I walked inside as Taylor and the boys followed, "Well...well...well...look who we have here" Professor Lafont said "I brought you some trouble makers for you, enjoy" Professor Crutchfeild said he walked out of the office as Professor Lafont put her full attention on us "I didn't expect Mia to come to my office for this kind of occasion" I looked down at my feet in shame "So what happened this time" Professor Lafont asked "After class we decided to take a breather" Taylor answered "Really......because Professor Crutchfeild said that you all were just wondering around the whole academy.....I don't blame him because you never know if one you were harassing one of your peers.....were you Taylor?" she asked "No" Taylor simply said "I heard about your little fight Taylor....and also that you killed her who shall not be named....your lucky that we run from the same blood or I would call the police" I looked at Taylor with confusion "You guys are family?" I asked "Yup she's my aunt...." Taylor responded, I nodded my head and just went along with the whole thing "Your mother put you into my care, but you took advantage of me being high priestess of this academy and started doing your own business" Professor Lafont said "Well then call my mom, lets see what she's gonna say about all this bullshit I've been doing for the past years I've been here!" Taylor yelled "I would but she's quiet too busy for those shenanigans of yours!" "Really because if I can recall she is actually way too busy for my "shenanigans" because of her other little innocent kids!" Taylor yelled "You know your mom loves all of you equally" Professor Lafont snapped "Then why did she send me here?" Taylor said, Professor Lafont sighed and sat on her chair with her fingers rubbing the sides of her head like if her head hurt, "Taylor I don't want to start with you right now In front of your own peers" "Why is it embarrassing for you?" Taylor yelled "You guys are free to go to your dorms now, but Taylor you stay here we need to straighten things out right now " Professor Lafont said. I walked out with the boys "Well.....I guess that was another episode of Taylor and Professor Lafont" Noah said "Is it really true that their related?" I asked "Yup" Mason and Noah said together, I was going to walk alone until Mason came up to me and asked to walk me "Sure" I replied, we walked up the stairs and down the corridor until we got to the door to my room "Wanna come in?" I asked knowing that he would say no "Sure" he said I was kinda surprised but let him enter my room anyways "So.......quite some day huh" I said and sat down on my bed and put my legs up "Yup I didn't know Taylor would actually care about the body" Mason said and sat on my bed too "O she didn't I actually made her..." he started laughing at my response "Wow I knew it" I nodded and looked at my phone "I wonder what Professor Lafont and Taylor are talking about" I said "Ya" Mason responded "Hey Mia?" Mason asked "Ya?" I responded still looking at my phone "Can I ask you something?" "Sure" I said "Ok....well.......will you go out with me?" he asked I looked up with wide eyes and thinking why would he want to go out with me.....well ya duh he likes me I know I like him and I hesitated a little before I said "Sure....I guess" he looked at me confused "It doesn't seem like you want to" "No I do its just kinda awkward now" I said then all of a sudden he kissed me again and said "Well... Its settled we're now together" I smiled started blushing "I'm going to go now.....see you later" he said and walked out the door, I couldn't breathe right because of what just happened....I think I now have a its Mason. I got up and took a shower, when I got out I changed into my pajama shorts and a random tank top, "Mia!" Taylor yelled from the other side of the door "Yes" I said "Can I come in?" she asked "Of course you can" with that Taylor came into my room acting like if nothing happened "So.....what happened when I left?" I asked "Nothing she said she's just gonna let it slide like always but to not do it again because that will ruin the academy's reputation" she answered "Wow......" I mumbled, "So what happened with Mason I saw him once again walk out your room but this time with a smile I've never seen before" I blushed at her question "No" she said shocked "What?" I asked "He didn't" she said again "What?" I asked....again "Are you" Taylor asked with a smile spread across her face "Your so smart how did you know?" I asked "Noah told me Mason was gonna ask you out sooner or I guess it was sooner" she replied, I blushed and looked at the time on the clock and noticed it was 10:45 p.m already "Well I'm off to bed .....we can celebrate tomorrow ok?" I said "Sure, but I'm going to hold this to you for all eternity!" Taylor yelled and jumped up, "Night lil vampire!" Taylor yelled "Night" I yelled as she left, I felt my phone vibrate so I took it out and realized it was a text from Mason. 

Mason: Sweet Dreams!

I felt butterfly's come to my stomach again as I kept on reading the text over and over again until I fell asleep.


(Authors Note) Well hope you liked this chapter so like,favorite,and mostly comment because I want to know if I'm doing good or bad!! - Mystery Girl 12316     

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