Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


28. Vampire Delinquent


I saw the familiar creepy trees appear. I smiled at the thought of seeing them even though I hate this school. Noah parked the car. I quickly got out to smell the fresh air that surrounded the academy. "Good to be back" I whispered. I jumped at the feeling of Mason holding my hand. I gripped his hand tightly so he wouldn't let go. "I can't believe Professor Dylan did this to you" Mason mumbled while he examined all my scars and bruises. "Life's a bitch" I replied. Mason smiled at my reply. Everyone walked back into the huge building. It looked normal like if nothing happened. "Maybe we should go check on Professor Lafont" Taylor suggested. I nodded and let go of Mason's hand. Taylor got out of Noah's grip as we walked over to the office. I knocked on the huge door to hear Professor Lafont reply with a fading "Come in". I looked over at Taylor who made a gesture with her arms. "Ladies first" she said. I entered the office to see Professor Lafont with her face in her hands. She looked up at us. Her face had stress written all over it. "What's wrong?" I asked. She looked behind me to see Taylor appear. "Professor Infinity and Professor Dylan were found dead in a classroom". I played with my thumbs trying to think of an explanation. "About that" Taylor said. I turned to Taylor who gave me a small nod. "What's going on?" Professor Lafont asked. I slowly put my attention to Professor Lafont. She started to look like a lost puppy. "We.......sorta......ummmm......are the cause of their deaths.......". Professor Lafont's eyes started to widen. "What do you mean?" she asked in seriousness. I watched as Taylor took a step forward "It's kind of crazy that you might not believe us". Professor Lafont laid back on her leather chair and tapped her nails on the arm rest. "Try me" she stated. I started to get scared at what would happen. She could call the cops on us or even sentence us to death. I let out a huge sigh and began to talk. "Well, it all started when we overheard Professor Infinity and Professor Dylan planning your death...." I quietly said. I could see the hurt in Professor Lafont's eyes. "Go on" she muttered while holding her head like if she had a head ache. I looked over at Taylor so she could explain. "And....they noticed that we heard they tied us up and locked us into a cabin". Taylor took a glance at me. I began to speak up "They tortured us until we escaped, we actually stayed in some old cabin for a few days...". "Mia also met a vampire hunter" Taylor added. Professor Lafont and I looked over at her. "Just putting that out there" she said. I watched as Professor Lafont stood up and set her fingers on her desk. "Were you going to tell me when you heard them?" she asked. I nodded slowly at her question. "Well, it's not your fault they kidnapped you, but I want to know who killed them". I looked at Taylor. She had a worried face on her. I was going to speak up until Taylor cut me off. "I did" she blurted out. I widened my eyes at her reply. "I killed them when we got here a few hours ago......right Mia...?" Taylor stated. I began to feel tears form into my eyes. I know Jessica killed them, but I didn't want Taylor to take the blame. Professor Lafont looked at me while Taylor mouthed an "it's ok" to me. I nodded while curling my lips so I wouldn't talk. "Taylor. You know violence isn't the answer......well actually we're talking about murder" Professor Lafont started to sound disappointed. "I just wanted to get revenge, ok. I'll take whatever punishment you give me". I stood there regretting of what I was doing. "I can not tolerate the fact that you killed two teachers, and don't even make me bring up the Aurora incident..........I'm just going to have to turn you in". I widened my eyes. I can't believe Taylor would actually go to jail for something she didn't do. "There has to be some other option......anything....." Taylor begged. I saw her eyes tear up. "There is something else I have in mind....." Professor Lafont said. Relief washed over me when she said that, but then again it could be something bad. "For the rest of this year you will be attending Vampire Delinquent classes. You will finish your work from this year, and until next year you will come back to start the new year fresh". Taylor quickly nodded in agreement. "It's settled. Pack your bags, I'll get you a plane ticket to Scotland and I will inform the school that you will be attending it". We stood in silent until Professor Lafont began to speak. "You are dismissed" she commanded. Taylor grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the office.                 

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