Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


24. The Village


I woke up to being tied to a wheel "Great, I get out of the rope and they pull me back again" I sighed, I looked up and noticed I was in the woods, "Hello?" I yelled out, "HELLO!" I once again yelled out, "Taylor?" I looked to my right and saw Mia running towards me "What the hell happened?" I asked, Mia just stood there looking at me "Taylor, we have to get out of here, and quick" I turned to my right and saw some girl yelling out Mia's name, "Who's that?" I asked, "That is Lucy, she warned me about her family that are hunting right this minute" she stated, I looked at her with a confused look "What do you mean by hunting?""Lucy and her family are vampire hunters and they are hunting vampires right I guess they caught one" Mia blurted out "Who did they get?" Mia stood back and put her arm up to demonstrate something "Well apparently you" she simply said. I looked at the girl right next to her "So this must be Lucy....huh" I said in a mean way, "I can sense that she's not going to be a friendly person" Lucy added, I rolled my eyes "She doesn't know your on our side" Mia explained to her, "Mia, she might be using you to get to other vampires" I snapped "For your information I'm not trying to get to other vampires because I actually support them" Lucy glared at me "Well for your information I can tell we are NOT going to be friends". Mia watched us argue "Can we please just untie you, and get out of here?" she asked, I looked at Lucy as she looked at me "I'd rather stay here and die instead of hanging out with her" I spat, Mia just rolled her eyes and sighed of frustration.


I got frustrated "Come on lets just untie her" I tried convincing Lucy "Fine" she sighed, We untied Taylor, and just when Taylor was untied, she quickly tackled Lucy to the ground, I also saw Taylor's fangs out too "Taylor, get off of her!" I yelled. Lucy took out a needle, stabbed Taylor, and injected her with something that made her fall asleep, Lucy got up and brushed the dirt off her clothes "That would keep her out for an hour" I looked down at Taylor and saw her fangs slowly disappearing "Well we should probably go now" I suggested, Lucy agreed, I grabbed Taylor by the feet while Lucy grabbed her by the arms. We got to the cabin,carried her to her room, and laid her in her bed "You should put that spray on her so she won't smell like a vampire" I said, Lucy sprayed her with the liquid "Now what?" I asked "I should take you to the village and buy you new clothes because these clothes smell like vampires" Lucy responded, I looked at her with a questioning look "There's a village around this forest?" "Yup, Only vampire hunters know it.....and a few mortals" she replied, I looked at Taylor and turned my head to Lucy's direction "Ok, but we have to be back before Taylor wakes up" Lucy nodded and exited the room as I followed. We walked deeper into the forest until we found a sign that said "Welcome", I followed Lucy down a trail that led to a village,"Wow" I whispered to myself, I saw some stores, a food market, well everything you need to live with, "Come on" I followed Lucy to a small store which had a lot of clothes "Pick whatever you want, I'll pay" I looked at Lucy "It's ok, I'll pay you back later" I said, Lucy shook her head "No, I'll pay for it, don't worry" I looked at Lucy with an unsure face but she waved her hand giving me a signal to go for it. I looked at all the clothes and chose a few out "Are there any fitting rooms here?" I asked, Lucy shook her head no, "Then how am I going to know what fits me?" I looked at the clothes "What size are you?" Lucy asked "Medium.." I simply responded "Then there you go" I started to feel dumb and blush. After all the shopping I headed back home to see if Taylor was awake already "Well....I guess I will see you someday" I said "Ya... I'll come back tomorrow to check up on you guys" I nodded and shook Lucy's hand "Bye" Lucy said "Bye" I replied. I walked back into the cabin and set my things down while wondering if Taylor was awake now.


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