Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


19. The Plan


Just when I got the call from Taylor and Mia, I got worried, "MASON!" I yelled out, I saw him walk out his room and head toward mine "What?" he asked "Taylor called and said Professor Dylan kidnapped her" "Is Mia with her?" he asked "YES!" I yelled out "Shit! What should we do?" I thought and said "We can follow him" Mason just nodded "Well then lets go!" I yelled out "Oh right now, ok". We ran down the stairs really fast until someone yelled out my name, I turned and saw Sapphire running like if she saw a ghost "I have to tell you something" she said "I can't I'm too busy doing something right now" I replied "But it's about Taylor" I widened my eyes "What happened?" "ProfessorDylankidnappedTaylorandMia!"she blurted out quick "Wait say it slowly" "Professor Dylan kidnapped Taylor and Mia!" Sapphire slowly said "I know they called me" I turned around and started to walk "Wait but aren't you going to do something?" she asked, I stopped and glanced at her "That's what we were going to do!" Mason yelled, "You guys need help?" she shrugged, I looked at Mason as Mason looked at me "Fine, you can help but don't mess it up" I said, we walked down the hall and headed towards Professor Dylan's classroom, but he was gone "Professor Infinity was a part of the kidnap too" Sapphire whispered, we paced quickly to Professor Infinity's classroom, I looked into the creak of the door and saw Professor Dylan with her "What are we going to do about the two students, they can't just stay there for the rest of their life's" Professor Infinity questioned "We'll keep them alive, and when the assembly is over we kill them so they won't rat us out" Professor Dylan spat out "Are you going to go see them today?" Professor Infinity asked "No, I have too much work to take care of, they can survive a day without eating" Professor Dylan replied "Why do we have to wait to kill them,their hopeless against us" Professor Infinity said "Good point...I'll set up a day before the assembly and inform you when I can" Professor Dylan answered, Professor Infinity nodded and continued with the work she was doing "I'm going to finish this up for the day, see you soon" Professor Dylan said, I quickly turned invisible and turned to check if Mason and Sapphire were too. Professor Dylan opened the door and walked past us, I followed him to his classroom, and examined a few of his things to see what was going on. "Hey Dylan" I turned and saw Olivia walking towards him, but she jumped on him, "Hey how was your day?" he asked her "Good, I missed you" she replied then out of nowhere they started making out "Oh god" I whispered to myself, I ran out of the classroom so I wouldn't throw up, I turned myself back so people could see me "Did you find anything?" Sapphire asked with Mason behind her "Sapphire.....your sisters a hoe" I stated "I know, that slut" she snarled, I laughed it off a little and started walking "We need to find out when they are going to plan to kill Taylor and Mia so we can stop them" I said, I turned and saw Sapphire with a wicked face "What?" I asked "What if I dress up like Olivia and pretend I'm her so I can ask Professor Dylan where they are" she stated "But your hair" I pointed out "Its a wig, my parents would never let me dye my hair they'd kill me" she responded "But your pale" Mason added "It's the power of makeup" she replied "Ok...then your going to dress like her tomorrow...understand?" I said "Yeah, sure whatever..." she sighed off. We went our separate ways and walked to our dorms. 


I fell asleep a couple of times because my stomach hurt of hunger  "UGH, Where is Noah!" Taylor yelled out for the millionth time "Taylor" I said "Ya" "SHUT UP!" I yelled out, she just sat there in shock looking at me. "Ya I said it!" I snapped she just turned around like if nothing happened.


I woke up and remembered the plan we had....and it made me sad because I had to dress like my slutty sister, I took off my wig to reveal my blonde hair,took a shower to get washed up, and changed into my uniform but before I went to sleep last night I stole Olivia's shoes so I could wear them for today. I put Olivia's shoes on and put the amount of makeup she always puts on, I looked in the mirror and noticed that I looked just like her. I quickly walked out my room and walked over to Olivia's room. I knocked on the door and she answered "What the hell?" she said I quickly snapped her neck and she fell unconscious to the floor, the good part is that she wouldn't wake up in a few hours, I grabbed her by the feet and dragged her into her closet and locked her in there, just when I closed it one of Olivia's friends walked into the room "Hey Olivia, wanna go eat?" she asked "Sorry I have to go do something" I said in Olivia's voice "Ok have fun" she replied and winked at me, she finally left the room and I stood there shocked by what she meant. I started walking down the corridor and walked down the stairs until I saw Noah and Mason standing near the halls, I walked up to them and tapped Noah's shoulder, he turned around and gave me a snooty look "What do you want Olivia?" he asked "Fine then I guess I'll leave and let Professor Dylan kill Taylor and Mia" I said while starting to walk away, "Sorry Sapphire I thought you were Olivia" Noah said "It's ok..." "You look like her so much that it's like if Olivia is standing in front of me" Mason said with a shocked face, "Ya ya ya, ok so I'll go to Professor Dylan's classroom and try to get him to tell me where Taylor and Mia is, then I'll text it to you guys, understand?" I said, they both nodded. I turned and left hoping this would work.


(Authors Note) Ok so hope you like this chapter, and please please pleeeeaaaaassssseeeee comment, like, and favorite!!! - Mystery Girl 12316    

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