Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


6. The New Crush

When we left the bar it was already 11 at night so we decided to go back. Taylor led me to a bus stop and she called Jack to pick us up, when he got there we entered the car and sat in the same seats like earlier, "So did you guys have fun?" Jack asked "Yup and today was the day Mia tasted real human blood and not that nasty animal shit" Taylor replied "Really Mia, this was your first time?" Jack asked "Yup, first time" I said back. Jack smiled to himself and started driving as Taylor told him everything we did today, when we got back Jack dropped us off where we were earlier and left, "How do we get back inside?" I asked, Taylor got down in one knee and put her hands together "Put your foot here" I did as she said, jumped up, and sat on top of the brick wall "Now pull me up" Taylor commanded so I stretched my hand out and pulled her up. We stood on the brick wall and jumped on the roof, we got to my balcony and hopped over the railings. Taylor opened the glass doors and walked inside "Ok so I guess we'll see each other tomorrow, let me give you my number" I handed her my phone as she saved her number in there "Did you bring a laptop or something?" she asked "Ya its some where in this mess" I responded while pointing to my luggage "Ok if you get lonley you can video chat me on facebook" she smiled and walked out "Bye" I said "Bye lil vamp" Taylor said and closed her door. I took all the clothes out of my luggage and organized it all in my drawers, finally I was finished and put my pj's on and went to bed. I woke up at 7:30 which was weird because I always wake up at 11, I got into the shower, when I got out I changed into my uniform and straightened my hair, I put my old reliable converse on for good luck and sat on my bed not knowing what to do. Later I woke up to knocking on my door, I opened it and saw a tall guy at my door "Professor Lafont wants to see you" He said I nodded and followed him all the way to the office, he opened the door for me and let me in "Thank you Mr. Stevens" Professor Lafont said while the guy left. "Good morning Mia" she greeted with a smile "Good morning Professor Lafont" I replied "The reason I wanted you here is because your going to start your classes today and your going to need a schedule but since now know Ms.Garcia your going to have all your classes with her" I got happy when she told me that mostly because I don't want to be a loner "Ok thank you" I said "Oh and Mia" Professor Lafont called out "Yes" I replied "Your lights should be off by 10 am and your curtains should be closed by then too" she said, I got embarrassed and walked out of the office. I was walking to Taylor's room until I ran into some one and fell "Hey watch where your going!" I said, when I looked up I saw a guy with brown flippy hair like the old Justin Bieber one but I couldn't see his eyes because he had shades on. 

"Oh sorry" he said and helped me up "Are you new here cuz I never seen you around before" he said in confusion "Ya yesterday was my first day here" I responded "Who did you get stuck with?" he asked "Ummm Taylor" I said hoping he might know "O the school bad girl ya I know her shes pretty nice at times...shes also going out with my best friend Noah" I smiled and nodded "Whats your name?" he asked, "Mia Gonzalez..." I started getting shy now because he was cute.....well to me, "Nice name, mine is Mason Gearhart" he replied and took out his hand so I could shake it, "Well I have to go.....but if you want I could walk you to your dorm" I nodded in response and followed him "What room do you have?" Mason asked "Room 215" he gave me an omg face and said "Really, your lucky" "Ya I've herd that before" I said "From Tay huh?" he asked "Ya". We got to my room and I opened my door "May I use your balcony to sneak out cuz thats what I've been trying to do" I nodded my head and gestured the balcony door, "Thanks" he said and walked into my room, he opened the door and walked to the balcony "See you next time Mia" he yelled out before jumping out and leaving. I walked over to the balcony door and closed it....god that boy gave me butterfly's, "Mia are you in there?" I herd Taylor yell from the other side of the front door "Ya I'm here" I said and walked up to open the door, "Hope your ready for class" Taylor said jokingly, I laughed and nodded "Why are your cheeks so red, are you sick?" Taylor asked concerned "No" I responded and looked in the mirror, "Or was it a boy?" she asked again I felt myself blush even more and nodded "I think I have a crush on someone" I told Taylor as her face came to joyful shock.


(Authors Note) I thought there should be a type of love in this story so I decided to go with this so like always favorite or like if you want!!!! :D - Mystery Girl 12316 

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