Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


25. The Map


I walked up the stairs to check up on Taylor, I opened her door and found her asleep. I walked to my room, fell on my bed and finally fell to sleep. I woke up to see my new stuff next to my bed "Wow" I said to myself, I got up and walked down the stairs to see Taylor sitting in the kitchen "Hi" I said, Taylor glanced at me and looked back at her food "Hey" she responded, I took a seat right next to her "We should go back and try to steal Professor Dylan's car" she spoke up. "But I barley got to know this place" I protested, Taylor turned to me and grabbed my shoulders "Mia, we can't be missing forever, plus we need to save Professor Lafont and the school" I just sat there with a blank face thinking she was right "Fine.....but when?" I asked. "We should go check everyday and see what time Professor Dylan usually comes at" "Ok" I responded. 


I walked down the halls with my new friends I made, but it seemed very strange that I never saw Mia since that afternoon. My friends decided to go to the bathrooms so I patiently waited out side "Jessica!" I turned my head and saw Noah with Mason behind him running to me, "Hey long time no see" I said. They stopped in front of me while trying to catch their breathe "We have to tell you something" they looked really worried so I gave them my full attention "Taylor and Mia have been kidnapped" I widened my eyes at what they said "What? How?.....When?" they looked at each other and then at me "About.....a few days ago.....or maybe a week" I felt like slapping them across the face and slamming them into a wall "Why the fuck didn't you tell me?!" I yelled out. "We thought you would get worried" Mason responded. I rubbed my forehead "Well this obviously is something to worry about!" they took a few steps back because of my yelling "It's ok we know who kidnapped them" Noah added, I turned my head to him "Who?" "Professor Dylan and Professor Infinity" he answered back. I got angry and started pacing to the halls where the classrooms were "Where are you going?" they both asked, I stopped at my tracks and turned to their direction "Obviously going to handle it!" I paced faster to Professor Infinity's classroom. I slammed the door open to reveal her sitting in her desk "You fucking slut!" I threw all the desks to the ground to get them out of my way "Excuse me?" she asked. I got to her table and slammed my hands on it "Wheres Mia?" I asked. She hesitated a little "I ...d-don't....know.....w-what....y-you....are....t-talking a-about" I grabbed one of her pencils and stabbed her hand. She screamed in pain. I took one of her other pencils and asked politely "Where is Mia?". She sat there quietly refusing to answer. I stabbed her hand one more time to make her scream again. "If you don't tell me where Mia is, I will grab each of your pencils and stab them into your throat and shove a stake into your heart" Professor Infinity had a worried face on her, she started to sweat "I'll never tell you" she whispered. "Ok, then I guess I have to commit murder" I replied. I grabbed all her pencils from her little cup and threw them to her neck. Professor Infinity looked like she was choking so I grabbed one of those antique stakes that were in display for her history class. I walked over to her with the stake in my hand "I'm going to ask you one more time........where is Mia?" she glared at me but finally spoke "She' a some woods far from here.....", "And where are these far woods?" I asked. "There's a map over there" she pointed out, I walked over to an old book which had a paper sticking out. I pulled it out to reveal a map. I heard Professor Infinity coughing so I turned quickly to see her removing the pencils from her throat "Thanks for the help" I muttered. She looked up at me while holding her throat "Just to keep me alive" I shook my head and laughed "Oh I never promised you that". Professor Infinity made a confused face at me "You said if I told you where she was you wouldn't kill me". I walked closer and knelled down next to her "I said I wouldn't but I decided I will" I stabbed her in the heart. She fell to the ground lifelessly. I got up and folded the map small enough to fit the pockets of my uniform blazer. I grabbed one of the antique wood shooters vampire hunters use and headed out side to go face Professor Dylan in his classroom.


(Author's Note) Sorry I updated late....I was thinking of retiring and stop writing but I decided not to. Also please read my other story "A Story of A New Artist" it isn't that popular but I'm trying. So please like, comment, and favorite!!! :D - Mystery Girl 12316           

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