Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


10. The Kiss

When we got out of the salon Taylor said "Well we still have lots of time where do you want to go?" I started thinking and I couldn't think of anything "I literally don't know" I responded "Well I would ask Mackenzie what she's doing but she's studying" I nodded and looked at the streets and the people walking "Or I can call Noah and see what he's doing" she asked "Sure" I replied, Taylor dialed his number and called him "Hey.....yes I got them......well you have to see them to find out.........ya........sure where are you......ok I'm on my way......... bye" she hung up and looked up at me "He said he's with Mason at the movie theaters" "What movie?" I asked "I don't know he just said to go over then Mason told him to ask me if your with me and I said ya so now we're meeting them at the movies" "Ok" I said and started blushing, I walked with Taylor to the movie theaters. We got to the theaters and saw Mason and Noah standing outside waiting for us "We got the tickets" Noah said and hugged Taylor "Hey Mia" he said and pulled me into a hug too "Hi" I responded, I looked behind him and saw Mason staring at me "Hi" I kinda waved at him shyly "Hey" he said and started blushing , wait if he's blushing then that he can't like me I mean we barley met and.......I'm ugly ya see another reason for Mason not to like me. Mason opened the door for me and then walked behind me after Noah took hold of the door for Taylor, "LET'S GET POPCORN!" Taylor yelled and ran to the counter, Noah laughed and ran after her "Nice hair" I turned and saw Mason smiling at me "Thanks I barley got them done" "Nice" he said and walked to Noah and Taylor "Hey Mia what do you want I'll pay for it" Mason said and took out his wallet "Oh its ok you don't need to-" "But I want to" Mason said while cutting me off "But you don't need to spend m-" "But- I - want- to" Mason cut me off again but said it clearly "Fine" I mumbled and walked to the other cash register, the guy smiled at us "What would you like?" he asked  "May I please have a large popcorn and an icy ....what do you want?" Mason asked me " icy" I said he smirked at me "And another icy" he said "What flavors?" the guy asked "I want cherry how about you Mia?" Mason asked again "Cherry's fine" I simply said, Mason paid for the snacks and we grabbed them off the counter, "What movie are we seeing?" I asked "Kick Ass 2" he said "O MY GOD I wanted to see that movie!" he laughed at my reaction "Well now you are". We walked inside the theater and saw Taylor and Noah in the middle row throwing popcorn at the people near them and laughing out loud "If I were you I'd sit all the way at the end of the row, you have a nice view and it gets you away from them" Mason whispered to me and pointed to Taylor and Noah, I smiled and followed him all the way up to the last row at the top and stopped and sat down in the middle of that row "See, perfect" he said and put his feet up, I laughed and put my feet up too "So.......did you sleep well last night?" he asked me "I think that's kinda personal but ya I did" he laughed and the lights got dimmer and then it got dark and the movie started. After the movie Mason and I got up and walked down the isle and found Taylor and Noah asleep on the ground, I grabbed the bucket of popcorn and dumped it all over them but they didn't wake up so I grabbed the bucket and threw it at them "WAKE UP!" I yelled and they woke up, Mason laughed at what I did "O is the movie over?" Taylor asked "Ya its over" I responded "Good cuz it was a bad movie" Taylor replied "You didn't even watch it you just fell asleep at the beginning of the movie" I stated "O......then I'll rent it some day and watch it again" she got up and helped Noah up too. It was dark outside so we called Jack to pick us up, Jack picked us up again and took us to school, but when we were in the car I noticed that Mason and Jack where actually good friends "Ok well bye" we all said to Jack and got out of the car "Well today was fun" Taylor said we all agreed and walked through the gates. Mason and I started talking because Taylor and Noah were too busy doing....stuff so Mason walked me to my room "I had fun" Mason said "Ya" I responded I looked down and took the key to my room out and tried to unlock it "Well it was gr-" then all of a sudden I noticed that Mason kissed me.......He actually kissed me.......I can't believe it......


(Authors Note) Ok so I thought that in this chapter could be the chapter that Mason finally kissed Mia.....Oh and I know Kick Ass 2 is still not out yet but I actually want to see I couldn't think of any other new movie so like, comment, and favorite!!! :D - Mystery Girl 12316

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