Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


29. Taylor's Goodbye


I pulled Mia out of the office. I closed the doors quickly shut to see the group staring at me. "So.....what happened?" Mason asked. I stood against the doors while staring at my shoes. I felt tears stream down my cheeks so I ran off to my room hoping they wouldn't see me cry. I heard Mia explaining the problem to them as I ran up the stairs. I ran down the halls and entered my room. I locked it shut and fell to the ground. I felt like I was crying out a water fall by now. I just sat there crying my eyes out until I decided to pack. I already new Professor Lafont and by now she must have a plane ticket ready for me. I took out the huge luggage that was all the way in the back of my wardrobe. "Not so nice seeing you again" I mumbled with tears still streaming down my cheeks. I placed the luggage on the ground and began to take out my clothes. I picked out some random jeans and a hoodie knowing it might be cold in Scotland. I laid them out on the bed and folded the rest of my clothes into the luggage. I then heard a knock on the door. "Who is it?" I choked out. "It's Mia" she said. I looked down at my luggage on the ground. "And Noah" he added. I smiled at Noah's childish personality and got up. I opened the door to see them with friendly smiles trying to show sympathy. "What do you want?" I mumbled. Noah took me into a hug and dragged me inside with him. Mia just entered and closed the door behind her. Noah placed me on my bed and looked into my eyes "You sad?" he asked. I rolled my eyes at his question. "No shit Sherlock" I muttered. He took a step back with his hands in the air like if he surrendered "Well then....". I smiled while wiping the tears off of my cheeks. "You think you'll be ok out there?" Mia spoke up. I looked up at her to see she was worried. "It you believe I will?" I replied. Mia smiled as she nodded in response. I just let out a laughingly sigh. "I can see your almost done with your packing" Noah stated. I nodded and got up. "Yup, I bet I'm going to leave tomorrow" I said. "Oh you are. Professor Lafont already purchased your plane ticket for tomorrow" Noah mumbled. I nodded while throwing my hands up "I knew it". They laughed at my actions. I watched as Mia noticed my half empty luggage. "You need help?" she asked. I just stood there shaking my head no, but she insisted. Mia sat down next to the pile of clothes and began to fold. "I'll help too" Noah suggested. He got down on his knees and began to fold. "Guys. I can do it-". Mia quickly cut me off "No. you've done too much for me. I think it's time for me to do something for you" she demanded. I got down and grabbed a shirt of mine and began to fold with them. Mia gave me a glare. "What?" I asked. A smile appeared onto Mia's face. The rest of the time we just played around. I actually almost forgot I was leaving. I looked out the window to see it was dark. "I think I should leave now" Mia stated. We both got up. Mia embraced me into a tight hug until she decided to let go. "I'll come back tomorrow to say our goodbyes" she said. I saw her tears stream down her cheeks "Your crying" I said. She just smiled and nodded "You too". We both let out a small laugh until she left. I was then alone with Noah now. My luggage was zipped up and filled with my clothes. "Their ready to go" he said. I nodded as he got up. "I don't want you to leave" he stated. I just stood in silence until Noah decided to break it. "Can I ask you something?" he asked. I looked up at him while nodding. "Will you miss me?". My eyes widened with even more tears coming out. "Always and forever" I said. Noah took my hands into his without any hesitations. "Prove it" he whispered. Our faces got closer until our lips connected. I didn't care if I would loose my virginity at a young age. I just cared if I lost it to the right person, and Noah is 100% right for me. (Next Day) I woke up to see Noah's arms wrapped around me. I then remembered about the events that happened last night. It made me smile that it actually had to be Noah, but also worried that maybe he'll just replace me with some other slut while I'm gone. I slowly got out of the bed trying to pry Noah's hands off of me. "Where are you going?" Noah murmured from his pillow. I started to see his eyes red from crying. "I'm going to change. I mean I am leaving today". I saw Noah's smile turn into a frown. "Oh....ya I remember" he mumbled. I grabbed my clothes that were now scrawled out on the floor. "See. I put them on my bed so they won't be ruined and now I wake up to this!" I pointed out. Noah chuckled at my complaint. I got dressed and threw out the other clothes I had on yesterday. They were all ripped up from staying in the woods and all. "I can't believe I had this on yesterday" I stated. Noah got up from the bed and started to get dressed. I sat on the chair that was on my desk. Noah pulled his shirt on "I'll do the bed" He announced. I watched him pile the blankets neatly onto the bed and set the pillows down nicely. "Want to go eat breakfast together.....for the last time?". I nodded and got up. We walked out of the room and headed to the cafeteria. Noah and I sat at one of the long tables and picked out the food we were going to eat. "I'm really going to miss you" Noah said with a mouth full of bacon. "I'm only going to be gone for a year" I stated. He just rolled his eyes and ate his food. We were already finished with our food, but it took us forever to finish because we had the longest conversation. I looked at my phone to see it was already 1:00. We got up and walked out of the cafeteria to see Mia running to me. "I'll leave you guys. I have to go do something" Noah quietly said to me. He kissed my cheek and left me with Mia. "Hey. I have a surprise for you!" Mia yelled out. I watched her take out a little box. When she started opening it I noticed there was my sun ring in there. "Your giving me my sun ring?" I asked with a questioning look. "No, well yes, but its different" she said. I raised one of my eyebrows up "How?". She took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto my finger. "I upgraded it, now you can't burn when you touch vervain. so it's harmless......unless if you drink it". I smiled and hugged her "Thank you!!!". Mia hugged me really tight until we decided to release. "What should we do know?" she asked. I shrugged in disappointment. The last few hours Mia and I just walked around the academy, remembering some of my memories as some people would come up to me and say goodbye. I watched as dark grey clouds started to appear. "It's going to rain" I stated. Mia nodded and walked back inside the building. We walked closer to the main entrance until I was met by Professor Lafont. "Taylor. it's time" she said firmly. I nodded and walked up the stairs. I opened my room to see my luggage set down. I pulled them up and look out the long handle. I rolled them out and slowly closed my door for the last time. "Taylor" I turned to see Noah behind me. "I just wanted to give you this" he stated. I watched him take a necklace out of his pocket. "Here" he handed me the necklace as I took it. It had the infinity sign with Noah's name formed on the edge. "It's pretty" I said. I saw that Noah had the same necklace on, but it had my name formed on the edge. "If you ever get lonely or sad.....or just feel different in any way, just write me a letter and send it over" he smirked. I nodded as he put the necklace on for me. "You know we can video chat too......right?" I asked. "That too" he added. I laughed at his reply. Noah took my luggage and rolled them down the stairs for me. I was met by Mia, the professor's, Jessica, and Mason. I walked over by each professor as they wished me luck. I got to Jessica and Mason who pulled me into a bear hug. I then finally got to Mia who looked like a mess. "I'm going to miss you" she said softley. I nodded and hugged her tight. We stayed like that for a while until we decided o let go. "Skype me anytime. I'll always be there for you" Mia stated. I nodded and took a step back. We opened the front doors to see rain pouring outside. Noah ran to the trunk of the taxi and put my luggage in. I waved to all my friends and walked out to the rain. Professor Lafont passed by me and got into the taxi. I was guessing she will be accompanying me to the airport. Noah walked over to me, not even caring that we were getting wet. "See you next year?" he asked. "Next year" I confirmed. He gave me a quick kiss and opened the taxi door for me. I sat down while he slammed it shut. I watched as we drove away from the academy. I felt tears fall down my eyes knowing I was going to miss that place. "You know this is for your own good" Professor Lafont explained. I just nodded and watched all the familiar things pass by. In a while the familiar things disappeared so I started watching the raindrops race down the window. 

(Author's Note: Hi, I just wanted you to know that this is the end of Vampires Academy. I'm already writing a sequel so don't worry. If you want to know more about Mia, and the gang, then feel free to read the sequel. So please like, comment, and favorite if you must!!!!!!- Mystery Girl 12316)        

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