Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


12. Taylor's Fight

We all ran out of the cafeteria and looked for Taylor until we heard a girl scream. "O god Taylor" Noah said and ran to the direction where the scream was. We all followed. I stopped when I saw Taylor pinning Aurora up on the wall. "Taylor let her go" I said. She turned to looked at me. She had red eyes and her fangs were out. "No she acted like a bitch to you" Taylor responded. "I know but she's not worth it" I replied. Taylor made a smug look at me "Well she is to me". Taylor then slammed Aurora on the ground really hard, started pulling her hair, and put her foot on top of Auroras back. "Taylor how about....if she messes with me again then you could beat her ass...." I said trying to convince her. She was frozen for a moment. Taylor then slowly let go of Aurora and walked over to me. "Fine but next time I'm going to kill her" she threatened. I nodded my head to her response and hugged Taylor. "BITCH WHY DID YOU BACK DOWN WHERE YOU SCARED!" Aurora yelled while her friends helped her up. "I'm not scared of you Aurora...I mean who would?" Taylor said while crossing her arms. Aurora walked closer to Taylor with red eyes. "Really?" Aurora said in hesitation. "Really" Taylor said calmly. All of a sudden Aurora tried to attack Taylor but Taylor grabbed her quickly and slammed her to the ground once again. "Lets meet out side tonight in the woods to finish this off......understand?" Taylor asked calmly. Aurora stayed quiet. I then watched as Taylor grabbed Auroras hair and pulled it hard. "UNDERSTAND!" she yelled in Aurora's face. Finally Aurora nodded. Taylor let Aurora go, so we left. "What are you going to do to her?" I asked in worry. "Something I've been wanting to do for a long time" Taylor said while walking close to Noah. "Why did you do it?" he asked. "Because she irritates me" Taylor simply said. Noah gave her a small hug to show he card. A few hours passed. It was getting dark, so it was almost time for Taylor's fight. "Mia, open up" Taylor said from the other side of the door to my dorm. When I opened the door I saw Taylor, Mackenzie, Noah, and Mason. They entered my room. "Ready?" Taylor asked me. "I think the real question is, if your ready" I said back. Taylor nodded with confidence and walked to the balcony door. "Ok, no guards, its already dark....lets go" Taylor instructed. Someone turned off the lights while we all jumped off the balcony. We all landed on the roof. "Hey Mia" someone whispered. I turned to see Mason trying to catch up to me. "So you worried about the fight?" he asked, obviously trying to make a conversation with me. "No, I mean, its Taylor, shes so going to win" I said. Mason nodded and walked with me. Suddenly I felt a warm soft hand take mine. I looked down to see Mason and I were holding hands. "Ok, come on guys" Taylor said. She then looked up and noticed mine and Masons hands. Taylor gave us a quick wink before climbing down. "Well then" I said. I let go of his hand. We then jumped off the roof and walked down the secret slope to where the wood shed was, but this time we turned to another trail. Finally we stopped and saw oil lamps all over the place to give us light. There was also a huge crowd who showed up just to see the fight. "So Taylor didn't show up because she was a coward ha!" Aurora sneered to the crowed. I watched as Taylor approached the crowd. "Actually no...I'm right here" Taylor said while pacing to the middle. "Fine...who's going to start and who's going to end it?" Aurora asked. "Well....according to the fight we had earlier today I'm guessing I'm going to start.....and end it" Taylor said. Auroras eyes got red. She then tried to attack Taylor, but Taylor ducked which made Aurora fall to the ground. Then Taylor kept on dodging Aurora the whole time until finally when Aurora tried to attack her for the last time,Taylor pinned her to the ground and punched Aurora in the face a few times. Aurora laid on the ground hopeless. Taylor quickly took out a wooden stake. She got a good grip on Aurora's shirt. "I told you I'd end it" Taylor whispered to Aurora. Taylor then stabbed the stake into Auroras heart until she laid lifeless on the ground. Aurora's body began to get really pale. Veins started to pop out from all over her body. "There goes one less bitch to this world" Taylor said while getting up. Everyone was looking at her shocked. "Ya when I say I'm going to kill someone I actually mean it!" Taylor yelled to the crowd and walked away. I followed her, but didn't say a word because I knew she was in a bad mood right now. Now the only girl left that irritates Taylor is Olivia, but I haven't met her yet. 


(Authors Note) Ok so I hope I left you shocked when Taylor killed Aurora........ I have nothing else to comment,like, and favorite!!! - Mystery Girl 12316    

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