Vampire's Academy

The story is about a 16 year old named Mia, she was born a vampire her whole life. Her parents get worried about her future of being a vampire so they sent her to Vampire's Academy so she can learn all about vampires and how they live. Mia also makes new friends and meets a new guy friend.


7. Taylor's Boyfriend

"I think I have a crush on someone" I said as Taylor made joyfully shocked face "Oooooo....who's the lucky guy?" she said giving full attention on me "Well I bumped into him and he walked me to my dorm, and he noticed that I was in this room so he asked if he could sneak out through my balcony" I explained and started kinda rethinking about what I said, Taylor started laughing her guts out while saying "Typical school vamps, ok so who is he?" she asked once again "He said his name was Mason Gearhart?" I replied....more like a little question. I saw Taylor's mouth drop and then slowly becoming into a huge smile "The school bad boy did all that?" she asked "Yup" I answered, "He likes you" Taylor said with a smile still plastered on her face "How do you know?" she gave me a face and said "I know Mason, he's best friends with my I've known him long enough to know that he likes someone and that's obviously you" I rolled my eyes and got up from the bed "I'm hungry" I said "What didn't Mason take you to the cafeteria to eat breakfast while you guys were so call "bumping into each other" she quoted the last few words. I scrunched my nose at her and responded "No and I'd like to eat now please", Taylor held out her hands so I could pull her up....and I did, I locked my room door and walked to the lunch room with Taylor. When I entered the cafeteria it was huge it didn't even look like a cafeteria it was more like huge and long dinner tables with food in the middle of them in a straight line, we grabbed these fancy plates that were in a stack next to the entrance and we also grabbed our utensils, we sat down on these really fancy chairs and picked out the food we wanted that was right in front of everyone that was sitting at that long ass table. I looked up and saw chandeliers on the ceiling, "Wow this school likes to go all out" I said and started picking at my food "Ya....i guess" Taylor said and started eating, all of a sudden I herd a buzz and saw Taylor take out her phone "Oooooo my boyfriend is coming to eat breakfast with us so be prepared for when he comes" I nodded and started drinking the fancy wine they gave us, and no we don't get drunk because we're practically dead. I turned and saw Taylor turn to a guy next to her, he turned and saw her staring at him "Move" she commanded, he did what she said and left "Why did you do that for?" I asked I mean that was rude "Sorry my boyfriend needs a seat" she answered all of a sudden some guy with blonde hair and blue eyes came and kissed Taylor on the cheek, so I'm guessing that's Noah, he had the boys uniform on.

  "Hi I'm Noah" he said and shook my hand "I'm Mia" I responded, he sat next to Taylor and put food on his plate "I've heard a lot about you....well all from Taylor and Mackenzie" I giggled at his sentence and started eating, the whole time Taylor and Noah would be making out or he'd be having a conversation with us while eating. When breakfast was over we got up and left the cafeteria, we walked down the halls and to the lockers "O Mia you don't have your locker yet the teacher is going to give it to you in class" Taylor told me with Noah in back of her I nodded and waited for her to get her books and headed off to class.


(Authors Note) Well I updated again....o and the school uniforms look like this....

Just so you can know how they look and not get like and favorite if you like!!! - Mystery Girl 12316

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